7 Home Remedies for Removing Teeth Stains

Everybody wants to have white and shiny teeth. However, there are so many factors that can cause teeth stains. Teeth stains can get rid of your confidence and you do not want to smile in front of anybody. Why do your teeth become yellow? The teeth stains may appear because you do not brush your teeth regularly. But, you are no need to worry because you can try these simple home remedies for removing teeth stains effectively.

Using a Good Tooth Paste
The first simple thing that you can do regularly is to brush your teeth using a good toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is able to prevent developing plaque. Not only fluoride, you can use toothpaste containing pyrophosphates, zinc citrate, triclosan. The contents will remove yellowish stains and plaque effectively.

Using Strawberry
Strawberry is a delicious fruit that contains ellagic acid and vitamin C which can help you clean and whiten teeth. Some actresses like Tyra Banks and Catherine Zeta-Jonesusually use strawberry to make their teeth white. You can even just simoly chew some pieces of strawberry to get white teeth.

Using Coconut Oil
You may not know that coconut oil can be used to prevent plaque and make your yellow teeth to look white and clean again. This vegetable oil is extracted from coconut flesh which contains fat made from Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) in order to make your teeth white.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide
Instead of coconut oil, you can also use hydrogen peroxide to make your teeth white again. This chemical is also usually used in many bleach products that are able to whiten teeth and fade stains. Moreover, you can also buy this chemical easily in many drug store and chemical store. But, make sure that you choose the correct hydrogen peroxide that has a safety guarantee.

Using Salt and Lemon
If you do not want to spend money to buy Hydrogen peroxide, then you can use salt and lemon to whiten your teeth. You can blend sald and lemon that are able to get rid of yellow color on your teeth. Lemon with high acid will remove any stain spots on the teeth effectively. But, you need to do it every day so you can see the result.

Using Baking soda
Baking soda is a natural ingredient that is usually used to make a cake, but it is also good to whiten teeth. Simply, you can take some baking soda powder and then put it on your teeth to melt the stains. But, you are not allowed to use it too much because it may make your teeth damaged. You may use it at least once a week.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple vinegar is a kind of vinegar which is basically fermented from apple. There are some researches that show apple vinegar is able to get rid of stains on teeth particularly due to coffee, tea, and nicotine on a cigarette. Simply, you can gargle a cup of apple vinegar and it will kill bacteria on your teeth as well as clean your teeth.

Finally, those are a few simple home remedies for removing teeth stains easily and effectively. Now, you do not need to feel shy when smiling because your teeth are white again and you can feel confident to meet your boyfriends. 

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