Home Remedies for Cleaning Makeup Brushes You’d Want to Try

Home Remedies for Cleaning Makeup Brushes You’d Want to Try
It is very important to keep makeup brushes clean. Yet, many people often overlook it, thinking it is difficult to do. Actually, it is not difficult. It is very easy and only takes a few minutes to do. Do you want to clean your makeup brushes yourself? Before we tell you three home remedies for cleaning makeup brushes and how to use them, let’s see why it is important to clean your makeup brushes first.
Why Is It Important?
Firstly, by cleaning it, residues that have been building up in the makeup brushes are removed. The residues may harbor bacteria, which can lead to skin problems. So, by cleaning your makeup brushes, you protect your skin from irritation, inflammation, and infection.
Secondly, the residues hinder the brushes from doing their job and even shorten their life. Cleaning your makeup brushes will allow the brushes to have optimal performance and at the same time, have a longer lifespan.
These are why it is important. Now, let’s move on to the home remedies for cleaning makeup brushes and how to use them.
Our first home remedy is water. How can you do it? Simple, by wetting the brushes thoroughly with lukewarm water. When you soak the brushes with lukewarm water, be sure that each and every bristle of the brushes is soaked.
One thing to keep in mind is this: keep the temperature of the water under body temperature. Water with too high temperature will damage the bristles. The bristles of makeup brushes are sensitive to heat, especially those that are made of synthetic polyester or acrylic fibers. Bristles made of genuine animal fur are generally resistant to heat than those two. However, you should still keep the temperature of the water under body temperature just to be safe.
Dish Soap
Dish soap? Yes, dish soap. You can use dish soap to clean lipstick brushes. Lipstick contains a waxy ingredient, which sticks to lipstick brushes. You can’t use water to clean the build ups of this waxy ingredient. To remove them, you will need dish soap. Dish soap contains grease-removing properties, which is why it is effective to clean lipstick brushes.
To clean lipstick brushes with dish soap, all you need to do is to soak the brushes into a mixture of warm water and a teaspoon of dish soap. Use your fingers to rub the bristles gently with this mixture. When you are done, leave it for a few minutes and let them air dry. Just remember not to leave it for more than fifteen minutes since it will damage the bristles. 
Baby Shampoo
Last but not least, you can use baby shampoo. How? Simply take a small amount of baby shampoo into your palm. Then, swirl around each of your brush around your palm. You will see residues coming out. When all residues are removed, rinse the brushes thoroughly.
These are some home remedies for cleaning makeup brushes. As you can see, they are easy to do and won’t take much of your time. If you haven’t already, you should clean your makeup brushes regularly. Doing so will prevent unwanted problems, you can use your makeup brushes longer and the brushes can do their job properly. We hope this helps.

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