Home Remedies for Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Home Remedies for Cleaning Leather Car Seats
Stubborn stains on leather car seats are irritating. Even worse, if you attempt to clean them using commercial leather car seat cleaner, it may change the texture and color of the leather seats. So, what can you do then? Fortunately, there is a way to clean your leather car seats without damaging them. How? By using home remedies for cleaning leather car seats, which we will share shortly.
Bath Oil
The first example of home remedies for cleaning leather car seats is bath oil. First, prepare a soft cloth and bath oil. Then, pour a small amount of the oil onto the cloth. Use the wet cloth to rub the seats as well as the armrest. Do keep in mind to do this gently. When you are done rubbing the seats, you can polish the seats with another clean cloth. If you want, you can use a perfumed bath oil to give a nice fragrance in the interior.
Linseed Oil and Vinegar
Vinegar has many uses, including cleaning leather car seat. But, you need to mix it linseed oil. Mix an equal amount of linseed oil and vinegar. As with the bath oil, pour the mixture onto a clean cloth and start rubbing the seats. If you have dark-colored seats, use cider vinegar. If you have light-colored seats, use white vinegar instead.
Castor Oil
If you want to prevent the seats from cracking, you may want to use castor oil. Castor oil will help clean the seats as well as prevent cracks from being formed. To use it, simply pour several drops of it onto a clean cloth. Polish the oil on the seats. For the best result, do this process two times a year.
Pumpkin Soap
Last but certainly not least, pumpkin soap. Compared to the other home remedies for cleaning leather car seats, pumpkin soap is by far the most effective.  To do this, you will need a microfiber cloth, a brush and of course, pumpkin soap. Use the brush and soap to clean the seats. If there is any excess from the process, clean it using the microfiber cloth.
What You Should Not Do
The above home remedies can clean leather car seats provided that they are used properly. However, there are three things that you should not do while cleaning the seats.
First, you should not clean the seats using makeup remover wipes. Makeup remover wipes will make the seats lose its color and will damage them. Second, you should not use a microfiber cleaning cloth with water as it will leak small drops, which will crack the leather. Third, beware of using commercial cleaning wipes. Some may make the seats appear shiny but only momentarily. They also dull the seats’ color as well.
These are home remedies for cleaning leather car seats. Now that you know cleaning your leather car seats without damaging them is possible, you can keep your car’s attractive look. So, what do you think? Which one of the home remedies are you going to try?

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