Home Remedies for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Home Remedies for Cleaning Hardwood Floors
Keeping the house clean is not an easy feat. Parts like floor can get dirty very easily. And if you have hardwood floors, things get trickier. There is no need to worry, though. If you have hardwood floors, you don’t have to use chemicals to clean it. There are many home remedies for cleaning hardwood floors.
Below, we share some of these home remedies that you may want to try. Since they are available in most houses, you can start cleaning your hardwood floors right away. Alright, let’s see these home remedies now.
Vinegar has many uses. You may have heard that vinegar can be used to clean the bathroom as well as the kitchen counter. However, the uses of vinegar do not stop there. You can use it to clean hardwood floors too.
You can use vinegar in several ways. The first is to use it with warm water. Simply mix vinegar and warm water and mop your floor with it. Will it damage the floor? Nope. The mixture of vinegar and warm water is strong enough to clean grimes on your floor but it is not too strong to damage them. So, no need to worry.
The second way is by adding essential oils that you like. While vinegar and warm water are already effective to clean the floor, some people may found that they don’t like the smell it causes. If you are one of these people, you can add some essential oils into the mixture. Essential oils will bring nice fragrance on the floor.
The third way is to use vinegar and vegetable oil. In case you are worried about using water on the hardwood floor, you can use vegetable oil instead of water. Unlike the previous ways, you will need to get a spray bottle in order to apply the mixture.
Plant-based Liquid Soap
Is your floor very grimy? If that is the case, you will need a stronger hardwood floor cleaner. You can make one by mixing vinegar, water, and plant-based liquid soap. This mixture is very effective for an especially grimy floor. You can also add essential oils to the mixture if you want.
Tea Bags
Are you a tea drinker? If so, you can try something new. When you brew your tea, be sure to add a few extra bags. Then, use these bags to clean your floor. Tea is an effective hardwood floor cleaner. Not only that, it will add luster too. Compared to conventional floor cleaning product, tea is as effective but is much cheaper.
Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
The last home remedies for cleaning hardwood floors are lemon juice and olive oil. Lemon juice and olive oil is effective hardwood floor cleaner. To clean your floors, simply mix lemon juice, olive oil, and water (preferably hot one) and mop your floor with it. You will find that your floors shin afterward.
These are home remedies for cleaning hardwood floors. You probably have most of those which means you can start cleaning your hardwood floors soon. These home remedies are inexpensive, safe and best of all, effective. And now that you know how to clean your hardwood floors using home remedies, it will be easier for you to keep your house clean.

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