Home Remedies for Zits : Get Clean and Beauty Face

Home Remedies for Zits : Get Clean and Beauty Face
Zits always being a problem for your face and home remedies for zits may can be your answer for your acne problems. Every peoples in the world may ever experience with skin problem especially zits. You might start to hate your own face and curious why is the zits suddenly appear?

And what is the reason? It is also necessary to know the cause of the zits in our face so we can know the early anticipation before the zits getting worse and horrible. The zits usually spread in your face in certain areas, such as: forehead, cheeks and your nose. Before you know how to treat your ski without zits, you shall know the reason of your zits appear.

3 main factors that make your zits appear:
1. Excess oil production in your face. Zits is not only you careless about your skin, it can from your over oil productions in your face. Too much oil in your face can make your pore trap on your skin hair and create zits on your face.

2. Bacteria are very critical problem in your face. Bacteria can blockage the glands and keep multiply that can cause irritation in your skin. The irritation can cause the zits bigger and leave a scar.

3. The death cells on your skin happen because too much hormone production that can cause increases your face oils. Finally, the death skin cells and the oils blend well then make new zits in your face. It is possible the zits not only on your face but also on your other areas, such as: your neck, back and chest areas.

After you know about the factors that can cause your zits, and then we start to get the treatment of home remedies for zits. Here 3 treatments that may you can try at home and DIY (Do It Yourself):
1. Using healthy yogurt
You just need a low fat healthy yogurt and add some raw honey. Mix one tablespoon of yogurt and natural honey then blend well. Take into small plate and use as a masker. You can make one layer or more in your face base n your need but do not forget to wait until dry first. You can use your hand or cotton while applying the masker. Wait for around 15 minutes then wash your face smoothly.

2. Papaya fruit.
It is easy; you just shall blend the papaya until soft and able to apply in your face. Using mash papaya as masker and wait around 20 minutes then you able to wash your face with warm water. You can give moisturizer for your face after applying a papaya masker as well for maximum result,

3. Lemon juice
Lemon is known as a fruit which contain full of vitamin C. As we know that vitamin C is good forr skin and can make the zits dry faster. You can use cotton and put into lemon juice then apply in your zits area before sleep in the night. You ca wash your face with warm eater after wake up in the morning.

Perhaps the cause and the home remedies for zits above may helpfully for your acne problems and make you can get your clean and beauty face using home remedies for zits. Always keep your skin health as well.

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