Home Remedies for Whiteheads to Clean Your Face Comedones

Home Remedies for Whiteheads to Clean Your Face Comedones
Comedones in your face may can bother your appearance and performance. Home remedies for whiteheads can be your solutions for your whiteheads problems.  Comedones may make us unconfident and make us shame.

Before we know about the treatment of home remedies for whiteheads. We should know the type of your comedones, so you can choose the right treatment for your comedones problems. There are 2 types of comedones, they are blackhead and whiteheads comedones. They have different treatments and symptoms.

The differences between blackheads and whiteheads:
1.  Blackheads
The characteristic of blackheads usually there are a lot of dark pores. The dark pores occur because the air oxidations. You can call as open comedones.

2.  Whiteheads
The whiteheads comedones happen in our epidermis skin which have been blocked with dirt and fat in our skin. It is call as closed comedones. The whiteheads is harder to remove than blackheads.

After you know about the type of your comedones, there is simple of home remedies for whiteheads treatments that you can try to avoid the comedones came up and spread out. Beside you use some beauty care for your whiteheads problems, you have to keep your skin with natural ingredient that plenty of function four skin.

 Here 3 simples treatment to rid your whiteheads problem:
1.  Using oatmeal
Oatmeal is useful to fix your death skin and rub your skin so can make your face brighten and reduce your whiteheads.  Add some honey, lemon, and 2 tablespoons of yogurt then blend well. Moist and apply it in your skin and rest around 20 minutes. It is optional if you want to rub it or applying it as a masker. You can wash your face with normal water after you done.

2.  Make your scrub with sugar.
You can mix the sugar with honey. Put on your face with smooth massage for relaxation then wait a few minutes based on your need. Before you wash your face, you have to wipe your face with wet towel first. You can do it regularly twice in a week for better result. The sugar can rub off your pores and dirt.

3.  Get the cinnamon
The cinnamon is very famous with their function. You can use the cinnamon as a scrub to reduce your whiteheads problem. The cinnamon can produce the collagen which is very useful for your skin and protect your skin from acne and whiteheads. You can blend the cinnamon powder with the oat powder into warm water. Apply on your face with smooth massage and scrub gently. Rest for 15 minutes then you can clean your face.

Those all home remedies for whiteheads may can reduce your whiteheads and prevent you from whiteheads problems. It is easy thing to keep your skin health as long as you love your skin. It is essential to drink plenty water to fulfill your ion so your skin can regeneration faster and healthy. You can clean your face using home remedies for whiteheads above regularly to better result. The nature ingredient does not give you bad effect for your skin face.

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