Home Remedies for Swollen Glands

Home Remedies for Swollen Glands
Home remedies for swollen glands may can be as the one of alternative for your swollen glands disease. The first question is what is swollen glands? A swollen gland is condition when you get puffy in certain area. The common area is usually in the neck and throat areas. The swollen glands condition can be as a sign that you have some illness or infection in your body. You may feel so hurt and uncomfortable where your neck and throat get swollen.

 If you have swollen glands, you should know about swollen lymph nodes that cause your swollen glands. Your lymph node has a function as a guard to avoid you from bacteria and viruses. It part of your immune system, the shape is so small and similar with the grains. Your lymph node is spread out in your body areas, such as: throat, armpit, ears areas, neck areas, etc. You should know about the causes of swollen glands first before you do the treatments with home remedies for swollen glands especially for your neck and throat areas.

5 causes that might cause your swollen glands :
1. Getting some infections in your mouth and tooth areas.
2. Getting such a common viruses.
3. Getting infections in your ear areas.
4. Your immune systems are not in good condition.
5. Bad effect from some injections, medication or vaccine.

After you aware about general causes of your swollen glands problem, we turn into how to fix your swollen glands in your neck and throats area. Here 5 tips of home remedies for swollen glands that can help you relieve your swollen glands in your neck and throat:
1. Get massage in your swollen areas. Massage your neck and throat area using your finger smoothly for around 10 minutes. Do the massage for around three times as a day, or you can invite the massage professional in your home for a better result.

2. Using warm water to compress. Put the towel into warm water in a bowl. You can squeeze the towel and tap in your neck and throat areas smoothly. Repeat the same things around 3 times a day to reduce your swollen gland in your neck and throat areas.

3. Using honey and lemon. You can make a juice or just mix the lemon with honey. Do not forget to using warm water and take 2 tablespoons of honey in your lemon. You can drink when you wake up in the morning and do it regularly in two times for a week.

4. Add some salt in your warm water. As we know, salt have many function for our body. You can put one teaspoon of salt into warm water then you have to blend well to avoid the salt getting solid. You can use as a mouth wash and do it everyday for better result.

5. Apply the tea bags. Put the tea bags into hot water and put it on your neck and throat area which has the swollen glands. You can wait around 15 minutes and do it regularly.

Probably the treatments above can help you to fix your neck and throat glands with home remedies for swollen glands. If you had try the home remedies for swollen glands and the result still worse, you have to contact the doctor for further information’s.

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