Home Remedies for Keloids to Get Your Best Skin without Scar

Home Remedies for Keloids to Get Your Best Skin without Scar
Before we familiar with home remedies for keloids, we should understand about what is keloid? Keloid is a scar because of the development of scar tissues is abnormal or after you have got deep scar. In some cases, the scar tissues grow faster and make the scar bigger then make a keloid. The hape of keloid bigger that scar. The common difference between of scar and keloid is scar will easier to remove than keloid hard to disappear though in many years.

The peoples who have a keloid in their body parts usually become shame and want to remove it with operation or some medicine. Keloids usually occur after one year later after you had a scar and can grow in all of your body parts. Though keloids does not give effect for your health, but it is so bothersome for your appearance.

The cause of keloids:
Based on research, keloids can occur for the peoples around in age 10-20, and it would be 15% of your scar will leave the keloids on your body. There is some type of scar that can cause keloids, such as:
1.  Acne
2.  Burn scars
3.  Scar of injections
4.  Smallpox disease
5.  Surgery incisions

The main symptom of keloids:
1.  Bright color on your leaving scar. Such as: red or pink.
2.  There is plum or wrinkles on certain area.
3.  Feel itchy in your leaving scars.
4.  Easy to get some irritations and sensitive.
5.  Growing bigger after the time.
6.  The color is growing darker than the other of skin parts.

After you understand about the cause and the symptom of your scar, you can decide whether you scar get a keloids or not. May be you can remove or fix your keloids with medical treatments, but you have to know that there is a simple way of home remedies for keloids which help you to reduce and remove your keloids. Get your best skin without scar with home remedies for keloids bellow.

May be this home remedies take a longer time than with medical treatment, but it is effective and does not give you bad side effects.

3 Home remedies for your keloids problems:
1.  Baking Soda
Baking soda has a function to manage your keloids problem because they contain of abrasive chemical to help peel your regeneration new skin cells. You can add some hydrogen peroxide into your baking soda to make more solid and well mix. Put in your keloids directly and you can do it routine to heal your keloids.

2.  Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is famous for skin care, it is useful to reduce your keloids as well. Aloe Vera can prevent you from irritation. You have to clean your keloid area use warm water first. You can tap smoothly with towel after that put the Alove Vera on your keloids area.

3.  Aspirin
Aspirin not only help you to reduce your headache but also can be effective to reduce your keloids. You just mash up three aspirins into powder then put some waters to make it paste and solid. Apply it on your top of keloids and you can do it everyday after you get better result.

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