Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Ants with Natural Repellent

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Ants with Natural Repellent
As much as you love the nature and all the elements, ant is not on your list and ants’ invasion means applying home remedies for getting rid of ants. These tiny creatures living in colony is the closets part of nature that you can find in your home.

They can be in your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Trying to push away the ants doesn’t mean you do not respect nature. It’s just that the ants cause discomfort in your everyday’s life. Your garbage can is transformed into their feeding frenzy spot. And that’s just one among various discomforts that you experience.

Getting rid of them can be a tough and long term project. So, you need to consistency especially if you decide to go on with natural remedies. These remedies are as effective as unnatural remedies. Only they take longer. But that shouldn’t be an issue as long as you are committed.

Cinnamon as Ant Repellent
Natural remedies usually mean natural repellents to make your home ant-free. There are several ingredients. The first one is cinnamon. It’s an effective repellent thanks to its smell. What you need to do is adding cinnamon essential oil in a glass of water. Then, soak several cotton balls in it and use it to wipe the areas of entrance way for the ants. Repeat it for a few days and weeks until you see the improvement. If what you have is ground cinnamon, you can simply sprinkle it on certain areas near the entry point.

White Vinegar with Strong Smell
The next natural ingredient is white vinegar. Just like cinnamon, it forces ants away from your house. Ants cannot bear the smell. And the smell also makes them losing direction because it masks ants’ scent trail. You only have to make white vinegar spray by mixing water and white vinegar. Then, spray it on the entry points. Do repetition until no ants coming into your house again.

Acidic Lemon Juice
The third recommended ingredient is lemon. It has two functions. Firstly, its smell deters ants while its acidic property cover scent trail that they end up getting lost. All you need to do is rubbing fresh lemon juice on entry points like windowsills and door thresholds.

Another natural ingredient is cayenne pepper. Actually, both cayenne and black pepper are both natural insect repellents. Of course, ants hate its smell and they try the hardest way to stay away from it. Proper way to make use of pepper is easy. Simply sprinkle it near the entry points. Make sure to create some kind of a wall to keep ants from getting inside your house. And, you can also make a pepper spray by mixing pepper and water. Use it to spray ants once you see them. Don’t worry because the spray doesn’t kill them. It only keeps them away from returning.

If one natural remedy seems to be not as effective as you expect, combine several home remedies for getting rid of ants for better result.

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