Home Remedies for Fingernail Fungus

Home Remedies for Fingernail Fungus
As a result of poor hygiene, nail fungus appears and it demands for home remedies for fingernail fungus. Often known as nail fungal infection, this nail problem is common especially in women. Despite of poor hygiene as the main risk factor, there are other factors. They include improper blood circulation, heavy perspiration, improper nails’ growth, diabetes and humid work environment. As the name suggest, the cause of this nail problem is fungus.

You can tell that you have this problem when you notice these signs. Your nail color becomes yellow instead of white transparent. It also becomes dull and doesn’t shine like it should be. You will also experience extreme pain beneath the nail as well as inflammation. When it starts to get worse, the nail will thicken and crumble.

Oral Home Remedies
Let’s start with natural oral remedies to treat fingernail fungus. Generally, human body requires beneficial microorganism to maintain the healthy state. But, in some cases where this micro-flora is upset, the occurrence of various health problem increases including fungal infection. The probiotic agent as natural good agent inside human body restores the balance of bacteria. Bad bacteria growth and spread are hindered to avoid infectious nail fungi. For you to maintain enough amount of probiotic is very easy by consuming priobiotic supplement you can purchase at nearby pharmacies.

Applicable Home Remedies
As you consume probiotic supplement in daily basis, apply effective home remedies to cure the infection faster. There are various natural ingredients offering you the help you need. Apple cider vinegar is on the top of the list. According to research, it has multi functions such as to balance pH level, to soothe sunburn, aid in weight loss, to manage sugar levels in the blood and to fight against fungus. Basically, acidic properties that this ingredient has are helpful to prevent the fungus from spreading.

Fresh garlic is the next effective ingredient. It has natural anti-fungal properties to help preventing the fungus from spreading in human body. At the same time, it is a great ingredient to boost your immune system. Another ingredient on the list is natural lemon juice. Based on the research, lemon juice has three main benefits. First, it boosts the nail care regimen. Secondly, it removes nail discoloration. Thirdly, it fights off and prevents the spreading of the fungus. Using instruction is easy. You only need to apply the juice on infected are a few times a day.

Not only is tea tree oil useful to treat acne but also to treat fingernail fungus. In its nature, tea tree oil acts as natural disinfectant that contains of antiseptic and anti-fungicidal properties. Like most natural ingredients, it doesn’t give instant result. It takes time to start showing improvement. If you happen to have oregano oil in your kitchen cabinet, use it to treat your fingernail fungus. This ingredient contains of various properties including antiviral, antibacterial, analgesic and antiparasitic.

Given with various options of home remedies for fingernail fungus from the nature to remove your fingernail fungus, you can start reducing your doctor appointment frequency. Who needs a doctor when you have nature giving you the treatment you need.

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