Home Remedies for Constipation in Kids

Home Remedies for Constipation in Kids
In young age, especially for kids is very common and familiar with constipation and may be home remedies for constipation kids can be your solution for treat your beloved kids better. Some child may have difficulties in defecate less than 3 times in a week or having a hard time in defecate process. It can be happen for kids in age around 3-4 years because their bowl movement is unstable.

Kid constipations can happen for a few days or if possible can happen in a few months if their parents cannot give better treatment. It can make their parents feel so worry for their kids’ health. Despite of know about the treatment with home remedies for constipation in kids, you have to know the cause of constipation as well.

4 things that can cause constipation for your kids
1.  Less drink. Mineral water is essential to give ion four your kids’ body, with enough drink between 4-8 glasses each day it can avoid your kids getting constipation.

2.  Bad eating habits. Your child may not enough fiber foods, such as: cereal, fruit, vegetables and grains.

3.  Too much junk food. It is the most important things that you have to consider. Junk food is food that there is fewer nutrients that can give many bad effects for their health.

4. Genetic from their parents. If their parents have a constipation disease, they should always checking their kids for avoid the early symptom for constipation

After you understand the causes, here 4 easy treatments that you can try to relieve your kids constipation.
1. Get the olive oil
You can give your kids one tablespoon of olive oil in the morning before breakfast and activity. It can be useful if consume in empty stomach. If your kids hate the taste, you can add some lemons on it.

2. Fresh orange fruit. You just need orange and a bottle of warm water. You can press the orange into warm water and ask your kids to drink it. Orange fruit is effective to help the constipation.

3. Start your kids to consume fiber food. Eating fiber foods can more useful to help your kids in defecate. The fiber food cannot dissolve easily and make your defecates process easily and can make the bowel movements more smooth. Some fiber foods are such as: grain, cereal, broccoli, spinach, fruits, corn, etc. Complete the fiber food with drink a lot of water to get more effective.

4. Make a good routine. Ask your kids to defecate regularly. It still any difficulties, ask your kids spend the time around 15 minutes everyday. If nothing happen, it is ok and you just do it as routine and regularly.

These all about the cause and easy treatment for your kids’ constipations that may can be useful and you can try at your home. Easy treatment for your kids with home remedies for constipations in Kids may can be first help four or you can call the doctors if the constipations in harm condition. You can search any other resources about home remedies for constipation in kids which suitable with your kids condition. Keep stay healthy.

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