Home Remedies for Cleaning Jewelry to Keep Your Gold Jewelry

Home Remedies for Cleaning Jewelry to Keep Your Gold Jewelry
Some home remedies for cleaning jewelry can be useful for you because gold is one of the jewelry which have a high value of economy. Beside as jewelry, the gold can be your investment as well. You can use of this investment anytime based on your need. The value of the gold is increase by time the time, so it make some peoples choose gold as a best investment in their life.

You can sell or mortage your gold with high price whenever you need a money. But it can be a problem if you wear your gold jewelry everyday in long time. It can cause their glow and shine will dim and weaker than you buy it in the first time.  To keep your gold jewelry stay shine and stand out, you have to know the home remedies for cleaning jewelry that useful for your gold.

3 simple ways of home remedies for cleaning jewelry:
1.  Using the dish soap
Use one teaspoon of dish soap then put into warm water. You can add some carbonate water which has a function to accumulate your gold jewelry from dust. Avoid using hot water that can damage your gold quality. After that, you can soak your gold around 15 minutes than rub smoothly using smooth brush then you can wash again your gold jewelry using warm after. Finally, you can dry your gold using towel.

2.  Ammonia liquids
Add the ammonia with six bowl of water then blend well. you can soak your gold jewelry less than one minutes then put it on filter bowl and avoid using your bare hands. You can rinse the gold with flow water and you can dry it with smooth towel. You have to remember that you cannot often using ammonia liquid that can cause your gold corrosive.

3.  Tooth paste
Mix the 2, 5 cm of tooth paste with two tablespoons of water into a bowl. Abrasive chemical in tooth paste can accumulate the dirt easily without scrape or starches your gold jewelry. This is the easiest way for you who do not have enough time to clean it and you are in hurry to wear your gold jewelry. After that, you can brush smoothly or you can apply directly the tooth paste in your gold jewelry. Do not forget to rinse your gold with clean water.

You can try those home remedies for cleaning jewelry to keep your gold jewelry, but you have to know 3 easy ways how to save your gold jewelry and make it keep shiny and bright:
1.  Do not over wear you gold jewelry. You can wear your jewelry in certain moment or event. Over wear can make your gold more dull and cannot shine well.

2.  Do not save your gold jewelry into metal box. Metal box can cause corrosive process faster and change your gold colors. It is prefer using box which coat with soft fabric.

3.  Do not use your gold jewelry in outdoor activity, such as: sport activities. 

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