Bleeding Gums : Causes, Home Remedies and Best Treatment

Home remedies for bleeding gums
Home remedies for bleeding gums is the way that you can do at home with some easy things. Are your gums always bleeding? There are many causes of bleeding gums. Frequently, the bleeding gums aren't accompanied by pain or sore so that most of us ignore it. However, for them who always having bleeding gums which are accompanied by painful, surely being curious about the causes of bleeding gums.

Gum is a tissue that lines the inside part of the teeth and also protect jawbone. Without it, bone and teeth could be stricken with foods and beverages that surely would create painful. This is why the role of gums is very important for human. That, we should be more aware of the condition of our gums and know how to treat it well. In terms of health, the causes of bleeding gums are divided into 2 categories which are local cause and systemic cause.

The local cause means that the bleeding gums problems are caused by teeth and gums itself. Here they are:
a.        The poor dental and oral hygiene. If someone are lazy to brush his teeth and flossing, it would easily form plaque and tartar from the leftovers that left on the teeth. This would cause irritation and gingivitis.

b.        Periodontitis. It means inflammation which happens to the tissue of teeth. Gingivitis is included in periodontitis. If Gingivitis is left long without gets treatments properly would cause the severe condition of Periodontitis. When it is severe, gums will feel pain and more swollen. Sooner, gums will be eroded and the worst complication is the sufferers will loss of teeth. The way to prevent this situation is cleaning teeth frequently and doing visit to the dentist once in 6 months.

c.         Injury to the gums. This could be happened because you brush too hard or use hard bristle toothbrush. We should use soft toothbrush and change it in every 3 months.

d.        Malpositioned teeth. This situation will make food can be easily get stuck in our teeth which can cause our gums are bleeding.

e.        Cigarette. The substance of cigarette can weaken the immune system of gums and stimulate gums become inflamed. This condition that causes the gums become vulnerable bloody.

The systemic cause of the bleeding gums means that the cause is from body problems such as:
a.         Vitamin C deficiency or scurvy, happens when someone eat fruits and vegetables rarely. Scurvy will cause swollen gums, pain, and easily bleeding.

b.         Vitamin K deficiency which is the important factor in blood clotting process.

c.         Hormones in women. Hormonal changes in women's body can change the blood vessel in gums. The gums can be easily bleed when women are in their periods, pregnancy, and menopause.

d.         Blood clotting disorders such as hemophilia, ITP (idiopatic thrombocytopenic purpura) and leukemia.

e.         Drugs. Certain drugs which have the thin blood effects such as warfarin, aspirin, and heparin can cause the bleeding gums if they are used excessively.

f.          Cancer. Some kinds of cancers such as or multiple myeloma

Whereupon, how to treat this bleeding gums? The good dental and oral hygiene, seeing the dentist twice in a year, and using the soft toothbrush are the main steps to minimize it. Then, how to treat it through doing home remedies? Here they are the simple treatments:
1.        Brushing teeth using baking soda can remove the bad microbe in your mouth,
2.        Gargling using tea tree oil and warm water for one week regularly can stop the bleeding,
3.        Rubbing using aloe vera gel can accelerate the healing process of bleeding gums,
4.        Chewing the dried cloves can stop the bleeding gums.

Those are the things that you need to know about the cause of bleeding gums and how to do home remedies for bleeding gums.

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