Most Powerful Home Remedies for Leg Pain

Home Remedies for Leg Pain
If you are experiencing leg pain in a soft muscle tissue, there are several methods of home remedies for leg pain that you can follow before you choose to visit a doctor. This method is the best way to overcome leg pain rather than you visit to traditional massage. However, before you learn deeper on how to do the home remedies, it is recommended for you to know basic information about leg pain itself as below

a. Leg pain mechanism
 Muscle pain is also well known with musculoskeletal pain or sprain. It is as a result of a traumatic accident due to chemical substances, hit, fire and etc. Muscle pain is usually caused by sudden lateral or medial movement in ankle. Inverse leg pain (the leg pain movement is to the inside or outside), is the most common leg pain. It is caused by there are so many stabilizer bones in the left or right side that cause the leg pressure. If the pressure is high, the leg pain will happen until medial malleolus lost the stability and create a fulcrum for reversing the ankle.

b. leg pain symptoms
The symptoms that happen to someone who experience leg pain or sprain can be in form of pain, bruising, swelling, unstable or lost the capability to move the muscle. However, these symptoms are vary and will fully depend on how severe the leg pain that occur. In addition, sometimes people who experience leg pain may felt torn tissue occur inside.

There are several ways that you can do to prevent
a. do stretching before conducting a heavy exercise or activity.
b. wear safety equipment before doing a heavy exercise or activity.
c. Do a regular stretching aerobic to maintain your body and muscle strength.
d.Implement a healthy diet program to maintain a balance lifestyle as well as keep your muscle strong and also to maintain an ideal body weight.
e. Follow the safety steps to prevent accident such as falling that are usually caused by slippery road).

However, the main principal to overcome leg pain is by reducing the swelling or the pain itself. Conducting massage therapy can be a huge mistake to be done, because it may cause more severe pain. Massage therapy may cause bigger pain because it may create bigger pressure to the torn muscle. The best step to follow in the beginning step can be done in 2 ways. The first is by following RICE steps (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) that are adopted from western countries as follow:

a. Rest
Reduce the frequency of your daily activity. Make sure that you do not put any load on top of the leg pain spot within 48 hours. You can use some aids such as crutch to decrease the load in the pain spot.

b. Ice
Compress the leg pain spot using crushed ice blocks that has covered with thin cloth (towel) on top of the leg pain spot for 2 minutes.

c. compression
cover the leg pain spot  with elastic cloth compressor to minimize the pain and to give more comfort.

d. Elevation
Place the leg pain spot higher than the heart position.

Those are the RISE steps of home remedies for leg pain that you can do to lower the pain.

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