Is Home Remedies for Ovarian Cyst Effective ?

Home Remedies for Ovarian Cyst
Home remedies for ovarian cyst has been revealed. However there is research to find out if it is effective for medication.  Do you already know the term cyst disease, and how to treat it?

The Causes
Ovarium cyst is quite deadly disease and become one of the diseases that often fear women. Because the disease attacks the female reproductive organs, in the form of cystic and contain viscous fluids, then the liquid may change as pus, water or other materials. This disease is usually, most commonly found in women whose menopause and postmenopause. In general, women have two organs located on the left and right called the ovary. It is functioned as the release of the egg or female hormones.

Hormones produced is estrogen and progesterone which controls the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Besides these hormones regulate the body shape, breast and hair. Ovarian cyst sacs containing fluid in the reproductive organs, namely the ovaries, cervix and uterus. Although cysts are degenerative diseases or derivative. But for those of you who have not got a cyst and a family history of cysts, then you do not worry. The reason it can be also due to abnormal growth in reproductive and lifestyle.

The Traditional Way to Cure It
Phaleria macrocarpa
The active substance content in the form of crown god alkoid, polyphenols, saponins, which have anti-bacterial and enhance the role of immunity and vitality as well as the existence of flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling pain. You can make potions crown of the gods as follows: 30 grams of petals gods mixed with 50 grams and 5 grams of date please god crown dried fruit. You can boil with 800 cc and 400cc leaving then filter regularly drink 2 times a day.

White turmeric (Curcuma mango)
White turmeric has antioxidant content and anti-inflamation stronger than hydrocortisone. By way of 10 grams of dried turmeric mixed with ginger and white, dry lime, and centella asiatica 10 grams each and add 30 grams of fresh chicken feet. Boiled with 1 liter of water, leave half and lift when cool and then strain. This herb can be taken 3 times a day.

Mistletoe that grows on trees tea contains flavonoids, chalcones, flavanones, c-glycoflavonols and flavan3-ols which has many benefits to boost immunity, prevent blood clotting, anti-allergic and anti-cancer. You can mix your own concoction by the way: 60 grams of parasites that live on tea tree mixed with 30 grams of pearl grass and 800cc boiled with water then strain respectively 200 cc. Do it daily.

Soursop and leaves
In Asia, soursop fruit is found in many places. To treat ovarian cysts, boiled soursop leaves 10 with 3 cups of water until reduced to 1 cup water. Drink while it is warm, do 3 times a week. For soursop fruit can be consumed by just eat them or made juice without added sugar. Can be taken daily.

There are still many vegetables and fruits we can consume as cyst ovarium medication, but the above ingredients are the best solution to heal cyst ovarium. It is published on newspaper, magazine and on the internet that phaleria macrocarpa, white turmeric, mistletoe that grows on tea trees, and soursop are traditional way effective as home remedies for cyst ovarium.

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