Homemade Remedies to Ease Chickenpox Symptoms

home remedies for chickenpox
Chickenpox is a disease that caused by varicella-zoster and can infect other persons via airborne or touching the infected person. Though chickenpox can be prevented by vaccines, people can get chickenpox sometimes and chickenpox is often happened in children. Chicken pox has symptoms, like itchy rash and blister that can be annoying since you cannot scratch them. These home remedies for chickenpox would help you to relieve its symptoms that annoy you so much. Have a look.

Baking soda
If you cannot stop the urge to scratch the rash, you can use baking soda to ease the pain of itchiness. Add ½ tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of warm water. Soak clean cloth in the mixture then dab it over the itchy are then dry it. Or add one cup of baking soda in the bath tub then dip your body in it. The itchiness will reduce slowly.

Carrot and coriander soup
The blisters symptoms can make the scar on your skin if you don’t treat them well. Carrot and coriander are rich with antioxidant that would help your skin to heal faster and keep the skin smoother. Add one cup of chopped carrot and ½ cup of coriander leaves in 2¼ cups of water. Let it simmer till you see the water has gone one-half of the original amount. Drink the soup and eat the contents once a day for a month to boost the healing process.

Honey gives you some benefits to easy the symptoms. Not only it can relieve the itchiness, but it also helps the blister to heal without leaving scars. Use raw honey, which still contains the best ingredients of honey like propolis and royal jelly, to coat the affected area two or times a day until you see the blisters have receded.

Oatmeal is one of popular remedies that are believed could relieve the itchiness because of chickenpox. Make oatmeal powder by grinding two cups of oatmeal. Add this oatmeal powder to 2 liters of warm water and use it for soaking your body. Soak your body at least 15 to 20 minutes every day.

Essence oil
Essence oil like lavender oil and sandalwood oil can help you ease the urge to scratch the blisters, heal the scar and act as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. How to use the essence oil are:
1. Add few drops of lavender oil or sandalwood oil to almond oil or coconut oil then coat the affected area with the mixture and let it dry by itself. Do it twice a day.
2. Add few drops of lavender oil in the bath tub and use it to soak your body for about 10 minutes. You can add chamomile oil for better result. Not only it relieves the itchy rash and blisters, it also makes your body smell nice.

There are additional tips for you. Avoid or reduce the consumption of salty food, fatty foods, and spicy foods since they can make the symptoms worse. Drink more fruits and vegetables especially that are rich with vitamin C and E to boost those home remedies for chickenpox healing the symptoms. 

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