Best Home Remedies for Throat Infection

Best Home Remedies for Throat InfectionHome remedies for throat infection is something that you need when you are having a throat infection. Usually, throat infection can get better as the day pass by without any treatment needed. Your own immune system will take care of it by themselves. You don’t need to take any antibiotic because it’s not helpful, truly. Because most of throat infection are caused by virus and antibiotics can’t kill it.

Sadly, there’s always a time when you are having a bad day because of your throat infection. This type of infection is usually prevented you to have a normal day like before. Your throat will ache every time in anytime and anywhere that you will never expect. Whether it was on your office or in your home. Whether it was a day or night. Because of that, it is needed to have something easy that you can do to relieve the pain. Here, some simple home remedies for you!

Home Remedies for Throat Infection: Soothing the Pain
Soothing the pain which is caused by throat infection is actually easy. First of all, you can ease it by gargling a whole glass of warm salty water. Drinking hot water which has been added with lemon and honey is recommended, too. It is the simplest yet the most effective thing that you can do. But, if you feel like having a slight change, you can use a throat lozenge or a common ice cube. Sucking in both of them will relieve the pain that you feel.

If the symptoms is getting unbearable, you can choose to rest for a bit. Drinking more water will help, too. But, keep it in your mind that you have to drink non-alcoholic fluids. Drinking alcohol in your condition is prohibited. It can make a worse situation that before. Other home remedies for throat infection that you can do is making sure that you avoid getting an exposure of cigarette smoke or other tobacco products.

Home Remedies for Throat Infection: Best Medicine for You
Medicine can also help you to relieve that pain and fever that you feel because of your throat infection. For this case, aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol will give you the best result for your throat infection. Of course, in getting all of them, you have to know the procedure best. Adult can take either paracetamol nor ibuprofen. Children older than 1 month must take paracetamol and the one who are older than 3 months will suggested taking ibuprofen. But, the dose of both paracetamol and ibuprofen for children must be suited with their weight. Read the instruction for each medicine. You also can ask your physician for more detailed information.

As for aspirin, you can’t give them to children which are younger than 12 years to relieve their pain or fever. Even children below 16 years old is not recommended taking this medicine to relieve their pain. It is recommended this way because aspirin can give them a bad side effect, such as Reye’s syndrome. So, be careful in managing your own home remedies for throat infection.

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