Variety of Home Remedies for Swollen Eyes

Home Remedies for Swollen Eyes

Home remedies for swollen eyes are the best and fast solution for those who end up with this kind of eyes. Swollen eyes are one of uncomfortable things to feel you could have imagined. It will not only affect your look at work or in public but also it will make other people reluctant to look at you.

Having swollen eyes when you are waking up can be inconvenient. Usually, swollen eyes will settle down in a few days or even a week. If you have swollen eyes, you can follow these home remedies during that time to speed up your recovery.

Reasons why you have swollen eyes
Commonly, swollen eyes happen because of allergies, dust, hormonal changes to sickness. Another reason why someone gets swollen eyes is from crying or physical injury. Someone who has difficulty in sleeping have high possibility to have swollen eyes in the morning.

Home remedies you can do
There are several home remedies you can do at your home to make you get better in no time. You can use cucumber, witch hazel, rosemary tea and even the white part of eggs.

1.  Use cucumber
Cucumber is easy to be used for recovering your swollen eyes. It will help to cool your eyes especially if you need pain relief. You can use cucumber by cutting it into large circular rounds, placing them on your eyes and leaving it like that in an hour. After that, you can remove them from your eyes. Another way is by making the cucumber into juice. Grab a cotton ball and give few drops of the cucumber juice on it. Leave it on your swollen eyes to make you feel hurt less. It will cool your eyes down and hydrate your skin since cucumber contains vitamins.

2.  Use witch hazel
It has been proven that witch hazel can help you to reduce swollen eyes significantly. First thing you do is to chill it around two hours before you use it. Then, grab a clean cotton ball soaked in witch hazel. Leave it slowly on your swollen eyes for thirty minutes or so.

3.  Use rosemary tea
Rosemary tea is not only well known for herbal tea but also for curing swollen eyes naturally. First, brew rosemary tea and chill it in a couple of hour. Second, use a clean towel or cloth as a cold compress after the tea chilled. Third, squeeze it to your swollen eyes slowly. 

4.  Use the white part of egg
Egg white is known for tightening skin and also for treatment of your swollen eyes. Take the white part of egg and chill it before you use it. Use your finger to apply this remedy in the best way. Spread the white egg on your swollen eyes until it dries. After that, you can wash it off with clean and cool water. You can feel the relief once you wash it.

These home remedies for swollen eyes will help you to get better and relief. If your eyes still swollen over a week, it is best for you to visit the doctor immediately. Good luck!

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