Simple Home Remedies for Swollen Eyelid

home remedies for swollen eyelid
If you are looking for home remedies for swollen eyelid, this article is the right one for you. People sometimes have swollen eyelids with many kinds of reason. And having this kind of sickness will make you feel very uncomfortable especially if you work outside and have to communicate with other people.

Swollen eyelids mean to a condition where your lower or upper eyelids are bigger and enlarged above normal. The cause of swollen eyelids may vary. It can be such a respond to an injury, infection and allergy to certain substances or products.

Symptoms of swollen eyelids
There are several swollen eyelids that you can check. They are including:
· Blurry vision due to swelling
· Eyes feel itchy and scratchy due to irritation
· Dryness of eyes
· Inflammation and redness found in conjunctiva and eyelids
· Eyes feel so painful if the swollen eyelids caused by infection

Home remedies for reducing swollen eyelids
There are several useful home remedies to make your swollen eyelids cured and go down faster. You can find these things in your house to help you find relief. There are sodium, water, allergic product, cucumber, eye cream and compress. Some of natural treatment will reduce the pain as well as make the symptoms go away rapidly. Let’s take a look each thing about how to use it.

1.             Sodium
You can consume few amount of sodium to help you curing your swollen eyelids. It is also helpful as one of the first aids when symptoms of swollen eyelids appear.

2.             Water
There are several ways of how to use water as home remedies for swollen eyelids. First, you can use ice cold water to wash your face especially your eyelids. It can be an effective way to cure swollen eyelids. Second, you can drink a lot water to make the germs disappear. It will also make you stay out from dehydration and that’s why it’s helpful to cure the disease.

3.             Allergic product
If you accidentally consume a product that can cause some allergic reaction, it will also triggers swollen eyelids. That’s why you need to avoid using the substance that will make your swollen eyelids go away rapidly.

4.             Eye cream
In certain cases, a doctor provides you an eye cream contains of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to give you relief of having swollen eyelids. You can use eye cream as the instruction written in prescription.

5.             Compress
Prepare a warm cloth and soak it with warm water. Compress it slowly on your swollen eyelid to make the symptoms and the pain go away. Warm compression will also help you cured blurry vision.

These home remedies for swollen eyelids are worth to try. Since the treatments mostly use natural ingredients, there will be fewer side effects. You can search other home remedies on the internet or even watch video tutorials of how to do it. If the swollen has been over weeks, it is better for you to seek help from the doctors or go to the nearest eye centers.

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