How to Treat Sinus Drainage by Doing Home Remedies at Home

Home remedies for sinus drainage
Home remedies for sinus drainage is the easiest way that you can do at home when your sinusitis relapses. Sinusitis is an inflammation in nasal wall and the condition when your nose is plugged. Sinusitis is divided into 4 categories which are acute sinusitis, subacute, chronic, and recurrent sinusitis.

The symptoms of sinusitis are cough, nasal congestion, purulent runny nose and phlegm. It is caused by infection which makes fluid in the sinuses can’t be streamed well, so that bacterial and virus grow in sinus. 

You can treat it by releasing mucus accumulation with easy way at home. Here they are:

1.      Irrigate your nasal cavity. You can use neti pots. It works by diluting and removing mucus from the nasal cavity. Prepare a solution to flow through the nose which can be made of 450 ml of water was lukewarm (and sterile), mixed with 1 teaspoon salt. Fill the neti pot with the salt solution. Tilt the head at a 45 degree angle and point the tip of the neti pot on top nostril. The salt solution will fit into one nostril, flows through your nasal cavity, and out of the other nostril. If the solution is dripped into your mouth, throw it away. Blow your nose and repeat the process on the other nostril. How often do you have to irrigate your nose with a neti pot? People who are suffering from severe sinus problems or allergies were relieved to water it every day. Once the symptoms have improved, it is advisable to use three times per week.

2.      Cleaning using thumb and tongue. Using accupressure technique and notice to the anatomical location of organs, you can clean your sinuses indeed. Put your thumb or forefinger between both of your eyebrows, press firmly, push your tongue firmly to upper palate (the hard part of the oral cavity, the border with the soft part), try to press horizontally and don’t refer to one side. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds. After doing this step, sinus cavity opens and it starts to clean itself. It is about half of a minute, you may feel the movement of mucus around the nose and throat. This means that the fluid that accumulates in the sinus cavity begins to find a way out. This method is easy, fast, and effective, you can do it everywhere.

3.      Steaming. Hot steam which is made from shower, humidifier, or a bowl of hot water will thin the mucus and open sinus drainage in order to ease the discharge. Breathing the steam of Eucalyptus essential oil can help to clean the sinus. This oil can widen sinus and clean the cavity.

4.      Eating chicken soup. This will reduce the inflammation. The steam that is combined with the ingredient which has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory effects can make your sinuses clear.

5.      Applying a warm compress.

6.      Drink water as much as possible because it will help to drain your sinuses

If you always feel stuffy nose or sinus feels full, you can try one of the natural or simple ways. With the easy and not expensive ones, you can prevent yourself from sinus infections. Many recipes which are sold freely contain drugs and have side effects that inhibit the body's natural healing. Preventing certainly better than cure with doing home remedies for sinus drainage.

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