6 Solution of Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Home remedies for puffy eyes
Home remedies for puffy eyes is possible to find. The eye is a sensory area which must be maintained in the human body, because the area around the eye is a sensitive area when it is irritated,  treatment should not be given lightly. There are several things that can cause our eyes puffy.

What Causes Puffy Eyes
Sleepless.  Living habits to awake at night so that the body can not rest with enough time can cause puffy eyes.

Influenza. When suffering from colds and sinusitis worse is, the emergence of fluid retention in the eye gland will cause swelling of the eye that occurs in the upper and lower eye lids.

Eye or eyelid injuries, which can cause bruising to the eyes and swelling in both the short term and the long term.

Insect bites. Insect bites such as mosquitoes or other insects that are either allergic or not can cause severe itching and ultimately lead to puffy eyes when attacked areas around the eye.

Air and water pollution on the environment. Water and air that are not clean in neighborhoods can cause irritation to the eyes so the eyes become puffy.

The habit of using drugs, alcohol and smoking. Excessive bad habits can lead to swelling of the eye.

The Solutions
When you experience puffy eyes, there are several treatments you can do yourself at home. Below is how to treat puffy eyes efficiently.

1. Compress
Compressed eyes by using ice or cold water. Take a clean cloth or towel then dip in cold water and kompreskan eyes. To use ice, you can wrap ice cubes in a towel and put it on your eyes for a few minutes until the swelling in your eyes healed

2. Cucumbers
In addition to edible, cucumbers can be utilized to reduce eye puffiness. Place the cucumber slices that have been stored in the refrigerator on your eyes for 10 minutes and see the result, the swelling is reduced.

3. Tea bag
If your eyes are puffy, you can put a tea bag that has been used on your eyes, the tea is great for reducing puffy eyes.

4. Potato
Not many people know that in addition to edible, potatoes can also treat puffy eyes. Sliced potatoes and place the potato slices on the eyes. Puffy eyes can be recovered as before. Besides that method, you can use other way to use potatoes. Potatoes can also be peeled, then washed and then dried. Grate the potatoes then wrap it with cheesecloth and it can be used to compress the eye.

5. Tomato
Tomatoes can also treat puffy eyes. Wash and then cut tomato and put it on your eyes. in a short period of puffy eyes immediately healed.

6. Take a ripe avocado
Cut avocado crescent shape and place it on your eyes while lying down for 15 minutes. After that, wipe your face.

Many people have applied the above method to heal puffy eyes. It is proven that there is home remedies for puffy eyes.

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