8 Home Remedies to Treat Rash Because of Poison Sumac

home remedies for poison sumac
Poison sumac is famous with its ability to create rashes, red bumps or blisters, annoying itchiness on the skin when individual contact directly with the plant. The reaction will appear in 24 hours for most people, and only some people are lucky enough to not react to urushiol oil, the released toxin from the plant. The rash usually will fade away after several weeks, but the itchiness will make someone crazy if he don’t treat them as soon as possible. Here are home remedies for poison sumac to help you ease the itchy rash. Have a look.

When you realize you have touched the poison sumac, wash the affected skin with soap and water immediately before urushiol toxin penetrates the skin. All the clothes and shoes you wore when you touch poison sumac must be washed with alcohol and water so that you won’t repeat the contact with its toxin.

Banana peel
Though it sounds weird, but banana peel really help you relieving the itchy rash. Use inside of banana peel and rub it to the affected area. Banana peel gives cooling effects to soothe the itchy rash.

Potato paste
Potato paste also gives benefit for skin rash. Make potato paste with blender then apply the paste on the affected area.

Baking soda
Baking soda is proved can be used as home remedies to almost all skin problems, including the skin rash because of poison sumac. If you only get skin rash in small area, you can use baking soda paste to relieve it. Just mix three teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of water then you’ll get the paste. If your whole body covers with skin rash, add one cup of baking soda in your bath water. Then soak in it for few moments.

Cold coffee
Chlorogenic acid insides cold coffee can reduce the irritation because it contains anti-inflammatory compound. Just pour the cold coffee on the affected skin.

Apple cider vinegar
The acidity of apple cider vinegar will act as anti-inflammatory, as the result it reduces the skin irritation. There are few ways to use apple cider vinegar as poison sumac medicine. There are:
1. Apply apple cider vinegar directly to the affected skin.
2. Place the vinegar into spray bottle and put it in refrigerator. Spray to the affected skin and let it dry.
3. Soak clean towel with warm vinegar then dab towel to the affected area.

Skin irritation because of poison sumac, sometimes feel like its burning. Green cucumber gives cooling effects to reduce the burning sensation. Slice the cucumber into multiple pieces and put the slices over the affected area. You can dice the cucumber into tiny bits for better covering.


Grind 2 cups of oatmeal till you get oatmeal powder. Add the powder to warm bath water and soak your body for about 20 minutes to relieve the itchy rash. Or you can apply the oatmeal paste over the affected skin. Cook oatmeal until it turn into a paste. Let it cool for a while. Once you feel the paste is not hot anymore or becomes warmer, apply it on the skin. The paste help the blister to dry and not itch anymore. Those are home remedies for poison sumac. Hope they’ll give you benefits that you are hoping for. Good luck.

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