Home Remedies for Overactive Bladder that Work for You

Home Remedies for Overactive Bladder
Home remedies for overactive bladder can be made in your house. So, in order to recognize the symptoms, we have several things that probably will help you in figuring out if you have overactive bladder or not. Basically, humans are able to:
· You can hold up the bladder ranging from 400 up to 600 milliliter of urine.
· You should take liquids at least 1.5 liters in a day.
· In general speaking, adults visit the bathroom for pee between four up to eight times in the day and once in the night.
· If you drink coffee or alcohol, you will pee more than the person who does not drink them.
When we are talking about overactive bladder, it means that your bladder has the issues in storing the urine in normal way. The common symptoms are such as:
· You go to the bathroom more frequently than usual.
· You feel unable to hold the urine.
· Sometimes you get leakage in the time that you have to pee.
· You go to the bathroom more frequently at night.

And of course the symptoms could interfere with your daily routine. This condition is commonly happening on the changes with aging-related, certain medical condition, obstruction on bladder, and pelvic muscles that become weak. But of course overactive bladder is pretty common and treatable even with home remedies for overactive bladder. Check this out.

Pumpkin seeds
Besides using herbs and medicines, you can head on pumpkin seeds to overcome your overactive bladder. For your information, pumpkin seeds contain high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that give the anti-inflammatory properties which are really good for overactive bladder condition. If you hardly find the pumpkin seeds, you can substitute it with soybean extract. It can reduce the incontinence condition really significant.

Kohki tea
Kohki tea is the plant from southern China. The teat is pretty sweet and can be easily found at any counter around Japan. It also contains high antioxidants that protect your bladder really well. It fixes any issues related to the bladder obstruction. And actually there are several drinks that will be very friendly to overactive bladder condition such as plain water, cranberry juice, juice with less acid, soy milk, barley water, tea with caffeine free, and diluted squash.

Eating to reduce constipation

Well, sometimes constipations put a lot of pressure on your bladder. So, it is better if you prevent the constipation condition by eating healthy and adding more fibers in your diet plan as well as doing regular exercises whatever you like. Foods that contain high amount of fiber are such as vegetables, fruits, whole-wheat bread, and also beans. Or if you want to promote the regular bowel movement in every morning you can try this recipe. You can mix a cup applesauce, a cup of unprocessed wheat bran, and also ¾ cup prune juice. Two tablespoon of those mixtures can promote the regular bowel movement every morning and in other hands it can be loosen up the pressure on the bladder as well. So, you better try home remedies for overactive bladder.

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