Home Remedies for Nerve Pain To Improve The Condition

Home Remedies for Nerve Pain
Nerve pain is painful and a long term proposition but home remedies for nerve pain can effectively relieve the pain and alleviate the causes. Despite of chances to fully treat the pain, it mostly takes long period. Some cases even take years for fully recovery. And starting the treatment sooner is important. Otherwise, it gets worse slowly and reaches a point where you may not get full recovery.

Nerve pain unfortunately doesn’t get much help from oral medicines. Most of these medicines are only to reduce the pain without addressing the real cause. Instead, therapies are the best treatment for long term full recovery. The therapies require repeating and consistency. Home remedies are the same. They cannot provide instant result. Only with a regularity and consistency that improvements can be made. With the varying cause of nerve pain, the types of home remedies are also varying. You cannot tell which one is effective without proving it yourself.

Start Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Change in diet has always been effective in addressing health issues including nerve pain. Anti-inflammatory diet is the answer. Inflammation is often associated with nerve pain. So, when you change your diet by consuming more natural sources with anti-inflammatory properties, you’ll see improvement. The inflammation will be reduced, the pain will be eased and the discomfort as well. Recommended sources include fresh fruit and vegetables. You can start by drinking green juice in the morning. Green veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, parsley, and cucumbers are rich in anti-inflammatory properties

Meanwhile, stay away from foods with lots of inflammatory properties like foods with high sugar content, fast food and processed foods. Sweetened cereals, white bread, caffeine, alcohol, vegetable oil and corn oil are some of the foods you need to avoid.

Hot-Cold Therapy
It’s been long known that hot and cold therapy is effective to reduce the pain. Hot therapy such as heat can relax nerves while the cold therapy like ice cubes can numb the nerve. Repeat it alternately every day. For hot therapy, you can use heating pad to allow heat to be applied on your body. A hot moist towel can also be used. For cold therapy, simply use ice pack.

Home Acupressure
Asians are those who have been practicing acupressure for centuries. Yet, this technique is effective to relieve the nerve pain. As a start, you can do this yourself by directly pressuring the finger and massaging elongated hand. This will stimulate brain to release the endorphins. Another technique is by massaging the painful area. It will improve blood circulation, remove excess inflammation and lymph and also reduce the pressure.

Do Stretching
When you wake up in the morning, it’s good to have stretching for a few minutes before doing any activities. Stretching helps to relax the muscles. Since most of nerve pain is caused by tight muscles, the chance of getting nerve pain can be reduced when the muscles are relaxed. You can start by stretching the wrists, forearms, shoulders, neck, upper back, legs, buttocks, and the hips.

You will see improvements on your nerve pain conditions when you have practiced home remedies for nerve pain the at least in a few weeks. The longer and more consistent you do the remedies, the more improvements you will get.

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