Easy Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps
With muscle cramps a common experience to people at all ages, applying home remedies for muscle cramps is certainly the right way of treatment. Cramp comes with tingling and often painful feeling due to involuntary sudden contractions in muscles.

Cramp is even more common to those who do the sports like athletes. It can happen in almost any body part including feet, hands, arms and abdominal wall. This minor issue can be dangerous when it occurs at bad timing. For instance, having abdominal cramp struck when swimming.

Its most common symptom is intense sharp pain. This pain can even wake you up in the middle of the night. Some worse conditions involve inflammation, soreness and swelling. Muscle spasm can also be side effect of certain chronic conditions like muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. Despite of available of clinical medicines, natural home remedies are actually as effective.

Apply Cold Compress
When you notice a muscle cramp occurs, the easiest remedy is by applying cold compress on sore muscles. You can notice the result within a few minutes. This treatment helps to numb the pain with cold temperature. At the same time, it allows the cramped muscles to relax and reduce the inflammation if any. Even after cramp gone, you can still benefit a reduction in soreness. To do this remedy, you can easily wrap ice cubes and put them in a thin towel. Then, apply it on the affected muscle area for around 15 minutes. Or, you can also have cold shower.

Clove Oil Massage
Massage helps to relax the muscles in our body. And when you do it using clove oil, the result is much better. This oil is beneficial to treat muscle cramp. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the muscle cramp swelling and inflammation. It also contains anesthetic property to alleviate the pain. You can do quick massage on your own by rub the warm clove oil on affected area. Repeat it until you see improvements.

Natural Ingredients to Consume
While some applicable treatments are helpful to soothe the pain and reduce swelling, you can also do some prevention efforts. Prevention requires you to consume beneficial natural ingredients in daily basis. To start with, there is calcium. Most of the muscle cramp conditions are caused by deficiency in calcium. So, when you have enough amount of calcium, you will be less likely to have muscle cramps. Nowadays, there are various calcium supplements available in market. However, make sure to find a product that also has generous amount of magnesium, hydrochloride, vitamin D and digestive acid betadine.

Why don’t you also try drinking pickle juice? This juice is a very effective treatment to prevent and remove the cramp. Professional athletes are also familiar with it. You can drink the juice or simply eat the pickle in daily basis. Another natural ingredient for muscle cramp is apple cider vinegar.

Most cramps are caused by low potassium. That’s when apple cider vinegar offers support to increase potassium and prevent dehydration. When you have those home remedies for muscle cramps regularly and frequently, then chance for you to get muscle cramped will be much less likely.

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