Home Remedies for Menstrual Pain – Diet and Exercise

Home Remedies for Menstrual Pain
Most women have their painful monthly experience during all their lifetime and home remedies for menstrual pain are what they truly need. If you are a women, you certainly know painful a menstrual can be. In fact, in some cases, women end up fainted just because they cannot bear the extreme pain. This discomfort experience can appear in no time and take a few days. No wonder many women prefer to just lie down and try to sleep as the pain starts to appear.

Painkiller may offer instant result to relieve the pain. However, regular intake of painkiller during periodic menstrual is a bad thing to your health. It can damage kidney in long term. So, for alternative, you have to turn to natural remedies given by nature. These remedies are not only cheap but also effective.

Diet and Multivitamin
What you eat and drink affects your body condition. In terms of menstrual pain, there are several kinds of food that trigger and make the pain worse. Therefore, you need to start having a diet plan by excluding all the foods connected to menstrual pain.

Inflammatory foods are the first that you have to avoid. When you eat food containing high amount of fat, the uterus will contract. As a result, it increases the pain during menstruation. Animal fat is what you have to avoid in the first place. Instead, eat healthier foods containing enormous amount of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. To get these nutrients, consume more fish and colorful vegetables and fruits. Among some of the best foods are berries, olive oil, tomatoes and fatty fish.

While you running your diet plan, combine it by increasing recommended amount of vitamin and mineral. Magnesium found in mineral is indeed the key nutrient to prevent water retention that can lead to menstrual pain. Some foods rich in mineral are dark leafy green, pumpkin seeds and banana.

During your menstruation period, you can get benefit of ginger tea to soothe abdominal area. A warm ginger tea is a delicious drink that can relieve your menstrual cramp. You need to pound fresh ginger, mix it with water, and boil it for few minutes. Then, you can add sugar or honey for more flavors before you start sipping. A daily ginger tea is very good to overall healthy, anyway.

Exercise More Often
When you have regular exercise, the chance of getting extreme menstrual pain is decreased. Why? That’s because exercise gives natural pain relief. When a person exercises, there will be more endorphin produced and increased blood flow. These two positive benefits can help you deal with menstrual pain. The pain will not be as extreme as before.

As you have regular exercise, you will also drink more. Apparently more drink also contributes to decreased menstrual pain. When the body is hydrated, the bloating can be prevented. This way, the muscles will get more relaxed including during menstruation.

Starting to do all those home remedies for menstrual pain as soon as you can will only give you positive impacts in your daily life.

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