Low Blood Pressure : Effective Home Remedies

home remedies for low blood pressure

In a search on home remedies for low blood pressure? Do you have a very bad case of low blood pressure? Do you even realize that your blood pressure level is low? If you have not done a medical check-up at your nearest doctor, there is no way you will know whether you have a low blood pressure level or not.

Usually having a low blood pressure is not a very dangerous thing (it is even better if your blood level stays low). Normally, your blood level stays bellow 120/80 mm Hg, in where 120 is the systolic number (the pressure in your arteries when your heart beats) and 80 is the diastolic number (the pressure in your arteries between heartbeats). Higher than that and perhaps you are a person with hypertension.

Having a low blood pressure level is not a bad thing. It is only bad if you experienced some symptoms like:
-Light-headedness, dizziness, and headache. Your head spinning around uncontrollably.
-Sometimes blurred vision.
- Loss of focus and concentration.
- A high level of thirst (unlike the thirst you felt after you do some exercise, this thirst came out of nowhere, even when you are not doing anything)
- Fever or cold fingers.
- Hard breathing, in where you find it hard just to breath.

If you are experiencing one of these symptoms, then perhaps you have a low blood pressure level, if you do not, then congratulation, you are safe.

However, if you found yourself experiencing the symptoms written above, you should not worry. Low blood pressure level is easy to heal and you can easily make your own remedy in your house. This article will help you in making your own homemade remedy.

1. Mix Water With Salt and Drink It
It may not taste good (have not the taste for it myself), but drinking salt water can help raise your blood pressure levels. The sodium inside the salt will increase your blood pressure level. Just do not drink too much salted water, because doing so will risk you getting hypertension. Ion beverages will also do the magic.

2. Beetroots
The beetroot is a plan from the taproot family and they came in the colour red. Scientists claim that beetroots can lower blood pressure, so you can consume it if your blood pressure level is low. Just juice it and drink it or eat it raw, your choice.  

3.  Almond-Mixed Milk
(Be mindful that what I am going to write is subjective because I am talking about taste) Almond taste good and so does milk. Mix them up together and you will get almond tasted milk which taste heavenly (remember, I am still being subjective). Almond milk is also good home remedy to increase your blood pressure level. To make an almond-mixed milk, just leave few pieces of almond on the water for one night and then crush the almond in milk.

4. Holy Basil Juice
Holy basil (contradicting its name, holy basil are not actually holy as in they grow in holy places or something) is good for people with low blood pressure. Juice it, mix it with honey and then drink it.

There you have it, folks: easy to find remedies for low blood pressure. I hope this article can help you in your search for home remedies for low blood pressure.

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