Home Remedies for Long Hair with Natural Ingredients

Home Remedies for Long Hair

Applying home remedies for long hair offers generous amount of benefits. Despite the secrets to long shimmering hair that lay on various factors like well being, general health, genetic factors and the hair products, these remedies are still having their wonders. The truth is human hair only grows around half an inch in a month. 

So, there is no shortcut to get a longer hair instantly. But, the important thing is how to ensure the hair grows beautifully without any locks, dandruff or other issues that can damage the hair. And that’s what makes the remedies useful.

Ingredients to Apply
Remedies refer to the use of natural ingredients you can find in the kitchen. Some are quite surprising and unfamiliar. But, they definitely have some great benefits.

1.             Onion Juice
Start with natural remedy with onion juice, as the oldest yet most effective. Onion is rich is sulphur to boost the collagen production and re-grow the hair. The smell may not be your favorite but the result will. To use the juice, simply apply it on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes or so. Then, rinse off the hair until clean using a mild shampoo

2.             Coconut Milk
The next low budget remedy is coconut milk. It’s an ingredient with generous amounts of potassium, essential fats and iron. But, it has to be from fresh coconut. Then, add lemon juice and few drops of lavender oil. Mix them all together until well combined before applying it on the scalp. Leave it for 5 hours or so then rinse the hair.

3.             Apple Cider Vinegar
This ingredient is working great to cleanse the scalp and maintain normal pH balance of your hair. It then leads to accelerated hair growth. You need to make diluted solution first by combining a liter of water and 75 ml of apple cider vinegar. Then, apply it on the scalp right after you have rinsed your hair.

4.             Eggmask
Egg is rich in protein, phosphorous iodine, iron, zinc and sulphur to help the hair growth. To make the mask, mix egg white, a teaspoon olive oil and honey until it creates paste. Then, apply it on the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

5.             Green Tea
Green tea isn’t only delicious to drink but also beneficial to use. It’s rich in antioxidant, a wonderful property to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. Do not throw away the used tea bags because it can be used. Rip the package off and apply the tea leaves on scalp. Leave it for one hour and rinse it off with cool water.

Repeat Good Habits for Long Hair
Now that you have started to use the effective home remedies, your next task is repeating good habits for your hair. Avoid heavy-duty hair styling product as your most important thing to do. Many hairstyling products are made from superficial agents and harmful chemicals that can be very toxic to the hair.

Aside from avoiding such products, you also have to do regular trimming and combing at least every three months. It helps to stimulate hair follicle, promote good blood circulation and help new hair growth. These tips and tricks sum up the recommended home remedies for long hair for you to apply.

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