Home Remedies for Insect Bites

Home Remedies for Insect Bites
Looking for home remedies for insect bites? Have you ever feel something itchy on your skin and find it a little bit swollen? If not for anything, perhaps you have been bitten by an insect (mosquitos mostly. Those bloodsuckers knew no courtesy when they are eating). It may itch, but you should never scratch it. Resist the temptation to scratch and there would not be any damage on your skin (if you did scratch, then prepare to see some scab).

If you are indeed bitten by an insect, whether by a mosquito, a bee, a wasp, or a spider, you can always count on the home remedies written in here. Take a look at the list below because I am going to give you a brief example on what you should use to treat insect bites.

1.     Meat Tenderizer Powder
I never saw a meat tenderizer powder, but someone told me that using it is very effective if you really want to remedy an insect bite. Contained in meat tenderizer powder is an enzyme that will help break down the insect venom (one that cause the swelling), effectively reducing the swelling and the inflammation. Just mix it with water and rub it on the bitten skin, leaving it for an hour.

2.     Aspirin Paste
No drug store actually sell an aspirin paste, so you have to make it on your own. Aspirin is anti-inflammatory in nature, so it will definitely help you when you are bitten. Just crush one or two aspirin and make a paste out of it. Rub it on your skin and wait; your skin is bound to get better in no time.

3.     Papaya
Papaya (papaw, pawpaw, or Carica papaya) is a fruit that everybody either love or hate. They taste good for some people, but it may repel some people. What they could not reject is the fact that a ‘papaw’ can heal insect bites. It contains an enzyme that can break the insect venom, and to use them, you just need to put a slice of papaya in the insect bite (warning: do not eat a papaya that has been used to cover your insect bite. There is no health hazard in doing so, but it is disgusting).

4.     Baking Soda
Aside from helping your cake to rise when you bake it, you can also use baking soda to remedy insect bites. Baking soda contains an anti-inflammatory agent that will reduce inflammation (obviously). Because a swollen skin is caused by an inflamed cell in your body, an anti-inflammatory agent will surely be helpful in the case.

5.     Tea-tree Oil
A tea-tree (tree, not plant. It produces oil, not that brown drink we all call tea) oil is also very effective if you want to reduce the swollen in your skin caused by insect bites. This one I have tried for myself and I can tell you that it works miraculously fast. Just put a few drops on your skin and let it be.

All in all, those are a few examples of easy remedy. I am sure that there are many other remedy, but what are written below are the most effective home remedies for insect bites.

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