Conjunctivitis: Natural Home Remedies for It

home remedies for conjunctivitis
Do you know that there is a home remedies for conjunctivitis? Do you ever look at the mirror to find your eyes turn red (not the iris of course, but the sclera)? If you are the kind of person who like to scratch their eyes when they were itching (which I advise doing against), then your eyes surely turn red. If you never scratch your eyes, but still your eyes turn red, then you should be wary of it. You may have a case of conjunctivitis (or pink eye.

I do not know why they called it pink eye when in reality your eyes turned red). Pink eye (I am going to say pink eye from now on because ‘conjunctivitis’ took longer time to write) is caused by an inflammation in your conjunctiva. If you do not know what a conjunctiva is, then you should go search for it (it is a must for you to understand about your own body).

A pink eye can be caused by many things, but viruses and bacteria were said to be the main cause of it. For those who like to swim, pool chlorine can also cause pink eye because a mixture of chlorine and eyes can never result in something good. Shampoos that found themselves a way into your eyes when you are bathing can also cause it. Contact lens, especially the cheaper one, can harm your eyes too, causing pink eyes.

If viruses and bacteria caused the pink in your eyes, then you should not stand too near to another person because they are highly contagious. You do not want to be blamed for spreading the pink eyes disease, right?

If you have pink eye, then this article will help you in curing it by giving a few examples on natural home remedies for pink eye. Take a look at the list below:
1.     Honey
This sweet liquid substance is good for nearly every part of your body, and your eyes are not the exception for it. One study said that honey could reduce the amount of bacteria found in your eyes and doing so will reduce the chance of pink eyes ever occurring to you. Add distilled water with honey and put a few drop on your eyes.

2.     Mother’s Milk
You did not see that wrong. Breast milk from a pregnant mother can cure your pink eyes. Breast milk contains an antibody called immunoglobulin A and it will prevent the bacteria from attacking your conjunctiva.

3.     A Warm Compress
Sometimes, something simple as a warm compress can help you. Procure yourself a lint-free cloth and soak it in the warm water. Put it over your closed pink eyes and wait for several times. If only one part of your eye is pink, make sure to not let the cloth touched your healthy eye.

4.     Eye-drops
Go get yourself an eye-drop and put a few drops in your eyes. Many eye-drops contain antihistamines that can be helpful with pink eyes. Eye-drops are easy to find, so you can be sure that you will find it at your nearest drug store.

Written above are a few examples of some medicine for conjunctivitis. Cross your finger and hope that you have found your home remedies for conjunctivitis.

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