Home Remedies for Cleaning Silver Using Baking Soda and Toothpaste

Home Remedies for Cleaning Silver
If important events will come right after this and you need your silver to make appearance on your table, home remedies for cleaning silver will be one of the best ways to make your silvers look like brand new! Thank god, we can use natural ingredients to clean silver materials.

The reason why natural ingredients are the best choice to clean silvers
It will be more dangerous if we use harmful chemicals to polish our silvers especially if the silvers are for our food like spoon or knife. The chemicals will be contaminated with food and it can’t be digested in our body and affect our health.
So what are the natural silver polishing secret to get our job done?

Two methods polishing silvers naturally
1.   Use baking soda and aluminum foil
What to prepare:
· Aluminum foil
· Glass dish
· 1 tablespoon of sea salt
· 1 tablespoon if baking soda
· 1 cup of boiling water
· ¼ glass of vinegar
· Rag

How to do it:
1.   Pour the water to boil. Once it combines with other ingredients, it will make the baking soda and transfer the tarnish to aluminum foil.
2.   Add dry ingredients including sea salt and baking soda into the pan. Pour the vinegar slowly. Vinegar can help you polish the silvers quickly.
3.   Pour them in the boiling water and then put silvers you want to polish into the pan. You have to make sure that each piece touches the aluminum foil. It takes around 20-30 seconds but for heavy pieces, it may take longer.
4.   You can use rag to clean any remaining dirt and spots.
5.   You will have a shining silver look like new!
6.   Bananas are sweet and legit. Besides for snack rich of vitamins and minerals, you can use it for cleaning your silvers. But be careful, this method with banana is only for things with light silver materials like jewelry, spoon or fork. It will not help you cleaning large and heavy silver pieces.

What to prepare:
· Water
· Banana
· Blender
· Rag to polish your silver

How to do it:
1.   First you have to blend the banana. Peels banana into pieces and put them in a blender with a bit of water so you will get a paste. The look will little bit unattractive but it will work for cleaning your silver!
2.   Then scrub the paste using soft towel/cloth/toothbrush. Apply the paste on your silver paste and try to clean it gently.
3.   The last step, you can dip your silver into clean and cold water to get rid the remaining paste off. Dry your silvers using clean and dry cloth.

By doing this natural way, you will get your beloved silvers from worn to a dashing thing. For other jewelries, you can just stick them into a glass of tomato ketchup. Tomato ketchup will help you to remover the tarnish and the acid in it will oxidize the tarnish in the silver that will make silvers items look cleaner than before. Hope these home remedies for cleaning silver will help you getting newer silvers. Happy cleaning!

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