Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain with Diet, Exercise and Therapy

Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain
Home remedies for arthritis pain involve simple and low budget remedies that can effectively reduce the pain. Arthritis itself is degenerative painful condition with joints inflammation. This condition leads to pain and stiffness. People over 40 years old have more possibility to suffer from this condition particularly, those who do not exercise frequently.

When the doctors prescribe treatment, it usually consists of oral and topical medications including painkillers and exercise. Some oral medications like painkillers have negative side effect when used in the long term as it can damage the kidney. So, the best treatment usually involves a change of lifestyle including more exercise, topical medications and natural remedies.

Diet to Lose Weight
The arthritis condition gets worse if a patient weighs more than average. More weights means the joints give more pressure on the joints particularly, the knees, feet and hips. So, when you start losing the weight, the pressure will be reduced as well. In the diet plan, make sure to include consuming the right fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids which can be obtained from fish are not only useful for optimum health but also for treating arthritis. A more practical way to eat enough amounts of these fatty acids in daily basis is by consuming the fish oil supplement. It can reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Other sources of fatty acids are black currants, hemp, borage and evening primrose. Those sources have generous amounts of GLA or gamma linolenic acid.

In your everyday’s diet plan, there are also several natural ingredients to consume regularly. These are recommended ingredients that have been proven to be effective in reducing the pain and stiffness. The turmeric, a spice popular in Asian countries, is one of the best ingredients. Turmeric has generous amounts of curcumin which is a natural chemical that reduce the arthritis pain. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties that deliver such benefit. And your decision to put turmeric in your dish will not disappoint. It can make the dish more flavorful.

Instead of sipping a coffee in the morning and afternoon, sip ginger tea. According to various researches, ginger can mimic the NSAID which is a front-line drug for patients with arthritis pain. It works by shortening the amount of pain-causing chemicals as parts of inflammatory response. Just like most natural ingredients, ginger does not have side effect even in the long term. You can either put ginger in your dish or make a shimmering hot ginger tea.

Do More Exercise
While sticking to your diet plan, do more exercise in regular basis. Regular movement is essential to help maintaining the joints flexibility. However, you need to avoid weight-bearing exercises such as walking or running. The low-impact exercises are recommended. You can do swimming and cycling.

Hot-Cold Therapy
To soothe your joints especially when the pain comes, the hot and cold therapy is quite effective. This is a simple home remedy you can do a few times a day. For instance, have a warm bath or shower in the morning. At night, an electric heating pad or blanket can be used. As for the cold therapy, you can simply wrap ice pack or frozen vegetables bag and apply it on the joints.

Repeat all those home remedies for arthritis pain with consistence for better result.

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