7 Home Remedies For Skin Rashes on Baby and Adult

Home Remedies For Skin Rashes
With common occurrence of rashes, applying home remedies for skin rashes as alternative treatments is an opportunity that should not be wasted. This skin problem usually appears in the forms of bumps or red blister on the skin. It causes both itchiness and irritation. It may not be serious but is irritating especially if it appears at the least expected situation. If the rashes often appear, go to the doctor every time it appears can be sometimes too troubling. It can cause you hundred dollars more expensive than simple home remedies.

Remedies for Baby Rashes
Adults are not the only ones with rashes problem. Babies and toddlers are also prone to this skin problem. Mostly, the babies get diaper rashes caused by the wrong or excessive use of diapers. To treat it, there are some useful ingredients.
1.             Oatmeal
Starting with oatmeal, an ingredient rich in avenanthramides to reduce inflammation is an old yet effective remedy. Use the organic and uncooked oatmeal to create the paste. Mix it with water and stir until well combined. Then, apply it to the itchy area and leave it for an hour or so before rinsing it off.

2.             Cornstarch
Cornstarch has the ability to absorb moisture making it effective to treat diaper rash. It keeps the skin dry and while reducing diaper friction. You only need to sprinkle it on the skin before you put on the diaper.

3.             Coconut Oil
Rich of antimicrobial and antifungal properties, coconut oil is an effective treatment for diaper rash. It soothes the skin. Apply in on the diaper area a few times a day.

Remedies for Rashes in Adults
Meanwhile, the ingredients for adults rashes are more varying than baby rashes. Here is the list.
1.             Apple Cider Vinegar
This ingredient is proven to be an effective treatment for rashes thanks to its various properties. It acts as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic to relieve itchiness. To make use of it, simply put few drops of vinegar onto cotton and dab it on affected areas. It’s recommended to use raw organic apple cider vinegar.

2.             Clay
Clay is definitely helpful to reduce and relieve itchiness. Of all kinds, the Green clay is the most powerful clay to treat rashes. To use it, you need to mix it and water in a bowl. Stir them until a creamy consistency if formed. Then, apply it on the affected areas. Leave it for 30 minutes or so and rinse it off.

3.             Peppermint Leaves
Peppermint provides the effect of cooling sensation that can relieve the itchiness feeling. Although it’s not helpful to remove the cause but at least it reduces the itchiness. So, while you use it, combine other treatment using other ingredients to address the cause.

4.             Fresh Basil Leaves
Basil leaves are surprisingly rich in thymol and camphor, two anti-itch compounds. Just crush the leaves and rub it onto the skin directly. The effect can usually be noticed within a few minutes.

The home remedies for skin rashes are worth to apply especially if you do not have the time to seeing your doctor.  

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