7 Home Remedies for Anemia treatment

Home Remedies for Anemia treatment
Anemia is a disease that can be suffered by every people, so there are so many people who search for the best home remedies for anemia. Home remedies are chosen because will not give bad or negative effect. Compare to other medicines, home remedies is best solution to solve diseases without bring bad side effect. Read the information below to know more about anemia and best home remedies to solve this disease.

What are Causes of Anemia?
Anemia will make people feel so tired and don’t have energy to do many activities. Anemia also causes pain and other uncomfortable feeling. So, what are causes of anemia? Actually, there are so many causes of anemia. Some causes of anemia are pregnancy, menstrual period which occurs different (heavy), troubles of hormon, surgeries, accident, injury, kidney failure, thalassaemia, leukemia and more. Healing anemia can be done easily if the cause of anemia is not serious condition. By using home remedies, anemia can go away and you will be free of anemia.

Recommended Home Remedies for Anemia
As explained before, anemia can be solved by home remedies. Here are some home remedies you can use for solving anemia:
1.  Apples
Apple is so useful for solving anemia. It contains much iron that is needed by people with anemia. So, consume 2-3 apples every day to fulfill your iron’s need. And then, you will be free of anemia.

2.  Epsom Salt
Other treatment you can try for solving anemia is preparing warm water that is mixed with Epsom salth. After that, you can take a bath by using it. It helps you to reduce your anemia symptoms. If you do it routinely, you will get maximal result.

3.  Honey
Honey is so useful and can be effective way to solve anemia. It contains much iron, copper, and manganese that are so useful for reducing anemia symptoms. You can mix 1 tbsp of honey with 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, and consume it daily to cure your anemia.

4.  Burdock Root and Dandelion
You can also mix herbs to treat your anemia. By mixing burdock root and dandelion, you will get useful herbal for solving your anemia. Burdock root and dandelion are so effective for absorbing iron which comes from your food. So, it will help you treating your anemia.

5.  Cold Bath
Cold bath is also good treatment for treating anemia. Take a cold water bath twice a day for treating your anemia. When you can do it routinely, you can reduce some symptoms of anemia.

6.  Tomato Juice
Fruit always contains good nutrition for body. If you want to solve your anemia, you can use tomato. Just create tomato juice, and consume it every day. You can also mix it with apple to get maximal result.

7.  Spinach
It is also excellent home remedy for treating anemia. You can consume it as juice or food. No matter the type you choose, spinach will help you to heal your anemia.

Those are some information for you about home remedies for anemia. You can use home remedies mentioned above immediately because home remedies above are so simple and easy to try. Finally, hopefully the information about home remedies for anemia above will be useful for you.

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