6 Home Remedies to Relieve Throat Pain

home remedies for throat pain
Throat pain can happen to us because of almost anything. Virus, bacteria, acid reflux, smoking, pollution, dry air, even shouting can cause the pain in throat. Before you go to doctor, you can make your own home remedies for throat pain. They are simple, easy-to-make, and, of course, will save your money. These home remedies for throat pain include:

Salt water
When you feel pain in the throat, it is likely the mucous membrane in the throat have swollen and inflamed. Salt water helps the swollen membrane to shrink by releasing the water in its cells. Salt water also gives you benefit if you have stuffed nose. It will help the mucous blocking your nose to drain properly. Dilute ½ teaspoon of salt in warm water. Gargle the salt water three times a day. Please remember to not gargle more than that since the excessive salt water gargling can cause irritation on the soft tissue and make the pain in the throat much worse.

Apple cider vinegar
Though apple cider vinegar has strong taste, there is no denial that apple cider vinegar can relieve throat pain. Its acidity can kill bacteria which cause your throat inflamed. Once you have relieved the inflammation, you won’t feel the pain anymore. Dilute one tbs. apple vinegar, one tsp. honey and an equal amount of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Take the liquid while it is still warm two or three times a day. If you cannot stand with the taste of apple vinegar, you can make gargling solution by mixing a glass of warm water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tsp. salt. Gargle the mixture twice or thrice per day.

The chemical compound in garlic, Allicin, is an antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties that would eliminate the cause of throat pain. You can bite and suck raw garlic, or use garlic oil as gargling solution. Use garlic as the ingredients of the meals too for better results.

Honey can relieve the pain as well as make the swollen membrane shrink in the throat. Mix a glass of hot water with 1-2 tablespoon of honey and drink the mixture several times a day. For the taste, you can mix a cup of herbal tea instead of plain water. Eat one teaspoon of honey before you go to bed to soothe the pain all night.

Sore throat because of cold and cough, often has mucus in the throat. Lemon gives you benefit to release that mucus. There are few ways of lemon that you can make for remedies.
1.  Make juice from half a lemon then add the juice to a cup of warm water with one teaspoon of honey.
2.  Mix fresh lemon juice with the same amount of warm water and use the mixture for gargling.
3.  Slice a lemon into halve, add with salt and pepper. Then lick it slowly.


Cinnamon can be used for treating common cold which cause throat pain. Mix a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one tsp. black pepper powder. Use the mixture for gargling two or three times a day as one of home remedies for throat pain. 

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