Simple Yet Effective Home Remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity

Simple Yet Effective Home Remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity
Are you an overweight? Do you need advice on home remedies for weight loss and obesity? Obesity or overweight is a condition where someone poses abnormal number of weight. The cause can be genetically factor, or because of unhealthy lifestyle. Although some of people who posses obesity can be looked like all healthy and doing activities normally, but it’s not a guarantee on what’s inside.

Obesity can susceptible to several types of health issue such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many more. Doesn’t sound good, right? This article will detail some simple home remedies for weight loss and obesity. Let’s check these out!

Control your Foods
Other than genetic factor, the other main cause of obesity is uncontrolled portion of meal. Someone who loves eat usually just eat whatever they want without thinking what will happen to their body and then feels the endless regret afterwards. Now is time to stop that bad habit! You should make a strict rule on how many times you shall eat in a day. Normally, people eat three times a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure that you do not have meal time or snacks outside of those three times.

Get Enough Sleep
Some of you might be asking “What’s relation between obesity and lack of sleep?” When you take a slight look, there’s seemed no relation at all. But actually, they have. When someone gets sleep deprived, they have tendencies to drink milk or eat some snacks for comfort and make them sleep well. Didn’t you realize that eat too much right before sleeping will cause calories from those foods being piled up inside your body? If it’s only happened one day, it won’t be a big problem. But what if something like that happen every day in a week?

Do More Physical Activities
The common solution for obesity is doing some physical activities like jogging, gym, or perhaps swimming. Those types of sports needed so many energies which come from your calories. Doing sport 30 minutes each day could help to decrease your weight for sure.

Eat Foods that could Improve Your Digestion
Digestion is important part of losing weight. If you have a healthy digestion, it could help reduce excessive weight. Some foods which famous for helping digestions are below:
1.     Lemon Juice
2.     Apple Cider Vinegar
3.     Aloe Vera
4.     Green Tea
5.     Cayenne Pepper
6.     Curry Leaves
7.     Tomatoes
8.     Cabbage
9.     Fennel
10.  Honey and Cinnamon
11.  Grapefruits
12.  Cucumber
13.  Mint
14.  Cherries
15.  Strawberries
16.  Prunes
17.  Apricots
18.  Cranberries
19.  Coconut Oil
20.  Ginseng
21.  Low Fat Milk
22.  High quality of protein such as cheese, fish, eggs, low fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt, nuts, seeds, and whey.

Diet Instructor
The last but not least important is diet instructor. No matter how high your excitement during the first day of your diet, most of them falling down in the middle and ended up doing nothing. In order to avoid such tragedy, it’s better to ask your family member to watch over your diet or hire a professional diet instructor.

Those are only few of home remedies for weight loss and obesity commonly use. Quite simple yet very effective to reduce weight.

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