Simple and Helpful Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Home Remedies for Stomach Ache
Home remedies for stomach ache are such important things that we have to know. We will never know when we have stomach ache; it always comes in sudden. Here are some steps to take as the first aid whenever you have stomach ache.

Knowing the Causes
There are some factors which can cause stomach ache. The possible factors are pre menstruation syndrome, diarrhea, gastritis, or other digestive disorders. By knowing the causes, we can directly take an action to overcome the problem. 
1. Pre menstruation syndrome: Some women possibly experience it when the period is coming.
2. Diarrhea: Eating unhealthy food potentially causes diarrhea. Eating without washing hands can cause diarrhea too.
3. Gastritis: If you have gastric problem, do not ever miss your meal time. Missing your meal time or eating too spicy food can cause stomach ache.

By knowing the causes, you can do home remedies as the first aid. The home remedies for stomach aches are explained as follows.

Taking Natural Remedies
Natural remedies become one of the treatments for stomach ache. Natural remedies can be good alternatives for those who rarely consume medicines. Natural remedies, moreover, can help people with uncomplicated stomach ache. Here are some natural remedies that you can take.

1. Turmeric and tamarind: Tamarind and turmeric are good combination to overcome stomach ache caused by pre menstruation syndrome. You can take some pieces of turmeric, wash and peel them. After that, you can shred the turmeric. Then, mix the shredded turmeric with some water and squeeze it. Pour the squeezed turmeric water into a pan. Add a little tamarind and brown sugar in it. Then, boil it. Wait until it becomes cool and drink it.

2. Ginger: Ginger is also good to overcome stomach ache. It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance to reduce the pain. Moreover, it also helps to neutralize the stomach acids. So, it is a good solution for those who have gastritis. You just need to slice some medium-sized ginger. Put the sliced ginger into a pan and add with a glass of water. Then, boil the water and ginger for about three minutes. After that, keep it warn by simmering for about five minutes. Then, let it be cooler and pour it into a glass. You can add some amount of honey before you drink it.

3. Chamomile tea: It is also good to fix stomach ache since it contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and sedative substance. You just need to put one tea spoon of chamomile tea into a glass of hot water. Steep it for 15 minutes before you drink it. You can drink it three times a day. 

Some stomach aches are uncomplicated but some may be severe. Uncomplicated stomach aches may be caused of the food which we consume; it can be a matter of sanitation or rotten food. However, the uncomplicated stomach aches possibly become more severe. Those can trigger diarrhea or gastritis if we do not fix the problem soon. We need to find a way to overcome stomach ache problem. Otherwise, it may be worse. That is why it is good to know home remedies for stomach ache.

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