Natural Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcer

Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcer
Home remedies for stomach ulcer has to be found right away. Just imagine how painful this problem. Actually, the cause of stomach ulcer is the high level of acid in your stomach. This kind of problem can be caused by bacteria, too much pain killer, injury, infection, and many more.

The main symptom of stomach ulcer is burning sensation around your stomach and it is really painful. The worse part is that you have to feel the pain for about a few minutes or even a few hours. You have to be careful because stomach ulcer can attack both women and men. It is better for you to prepare the home remedies for stomach ulcer.

This fruit can be used as remedy for stomach ulcer. This is because this yellow fruit contains of anti bacteria. This useful compound can prevent the growth of bacteria which can cause stomach ulcer. At the same time, banana can also reduce the risk of inflammation as well as strength your stomach lining. You don’t have to do anything complicated with the banana. You just need directly eating the banana. It is good to eat three bananas a day. It is also possible to make banana milkshake for better taste sensation. After eating banana regularly, the pain caused by stomach ulcer will be gone.

One more fruit you can use as home remedies for stomach ulcer is coconut. It is also the same with banana in which coconut contain of antibacterial compound. When you are eating coconut, the compound helps you to kill bacteria. You can consume both whether the coconut milk or the coconut water. What you have to do is drinking a glass of coconut water from a tender coconut. It is also okay to eat the kernel from the tender coconut. You can do this simple treatment for about a week and you can feel the different before and after doing this treatment. The pain around your stomach will be gone and you feel comfortable.

The reason why cabbage can be used to overcome stomach ulcer is because of its amino acid. Because of amino acid, the blood can flow well into your stomach lining. As the result, your stomach lining will be stronger and at the same time it cures stomach ulcer. It is also because of the vitamin C. In fact, vitamin C found in cabbage is useful to treat stomach ulcer caused by bacteria. You just need to make a glass of fresh juice. Just blend cabbage and carrot. Then, drink the juice a cup before meal time and bed time. After a few weeks doing this treatment you can feel something positive.

So, which one of the treatment you want to try? Just take the ingredient which is easy to find in your living area. Don’t forget to take the right ingredient such as it is a must to take tender coconut instead of an old coconut fruit. Then, you have to do the home remedies for stomach ulcer regularly and try to keep the treatment until the pain is gone.

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