Natural Home Remedies for Jock Itch

Home Remedies for Jock Itch
Home remedies for jock itch can be chosen if people want to be free from the shameful and uncomfortable condition. Visiting the doctor can be a choice but people do not want to waste money for the medication which has chemical ingredients. Choosing home remedies must be more affordable but of course they need to look for the best option. Visiting the doctor can be embarrassing as well. 

There are some options of home remedies which people can try to treat the jock itch. They will be able to be free from its symptoms including redness, flaking skin, burning sensation, and of course itching.

Tea Tree Oil
The jock itch is condition associated with fungal infection. There is no question that people need antifungal properties for treating this condition and it can be found from tea tree oil. Not only for treating jock skin, this natural ingredient will also be useful for treating other skin infection types. Besides the antifungal properties, tea tree oil also contains antibacterial quality which is pretty powerful. The inflammation as well as itchiness due to the jock itch can also be alleviated with the support from the tea tree oil. It is super easy to use tea tree oil for treating jock itch actually. They can just apply the tea tree oil on the affected area using cotton ball twice a day. The oil can also be added into the bath water where they can soak in for approximately 15 minutes. The same effect can also be found if people use the bathing product such as shower gel or soap which contains tea tree oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar
For dealing with uncomfortable symptoms of jock itch, people can wash the affected area with apple cider vinegar which is diluted in the water. The strong antibacterial and antifungal properties in the apple cider vinegar surely can help people for curing as well as controlling many kinds of infection on the skin. For making the formula, people just simply need to prepare two cups warm water which is mixed with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. The affected area should be washed with this solution and it should be left dry naturally. This process should be done 2-3 times a day particularly before they go to bed.

The next effective ingredient which can be used for curing the jock itch must be alcohol. The jock itch is caused by fungal infection and rubbing alcohol to the affected area actually will kill the fungus. It also becomes the drying agent so the affected area can be kept dry. This way, the fungus will not be able to grow properly since it needs warm and moist environment to grow. People only need to prepare 90% isopropyl alcohol which can be dipped with the cotton ball. The affected area should be dabbed with it but it should not be washed since alcohol evaporation is very quick. This method can be done over and over again until they are quite satisfied with its effect to the infected skin area. It is simple and easy home remedies for jock itch.

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