Important Home Remedies for Kidney Pain

Home Remedies for Kidney Pain
Kidney is one of most vital organ inside human body. Kidney act as natural filter to do detoxification and purify our blood. When kidney start to feel pain or abnormality occur, it can be a bad sign of your health.

There are three types of serious kidney disease which are acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, and end stage renal disease. In early stage, most of patient won’t feel any real pain and probably very energetic, but after some time has passed, the pain will become even more real and once you realized, it’s too late.

There are several simple, yet important home remedies for kidney pain you can do to help your kidney. Take a look at these tips:

1. Keep Hydrate
Keep yourself being hydrate is the cheapest, but important step. By supplying your body with mineral water, it can help your kidney to smoothen the filtering process. The water will prevent all minerals and salts inside your urine to form a stone and hurt your kidney.

2. Meat Limitation
Eating too much meat can help to increase the amount of kidney stone. Obviously, it’s a bad sign. Try to eat animal protein which is more natural and friendly to your kidney.

3. No smoking
Smoking is one of great aspect to trigger the kidney pain. Stop this bad habit is a wise decision if you want to keep healthy.

4. Juice
Lemon, tomato, pomegranate, and watermelon are excellent material to create juice for kidney’s health. Those fruits are rich with water and really effective to kick out every toxic inside urine. They also good to prevent any kidney stone. You can also eat those fruits as they’re still fresh in case you get bored with juice.

5. Dandelion Roots
Dandelion root is known as excellent kidney toxic and cleanser. Eat them 500 mg every day is good for your kidney.

6. Kidney Bean
Kidney bean is also effective to protect your kidney from any related disease. Take the bean out from its pod, then you boil the pods inside a hot water for approximately six hours, after that cool the water and use washcloth to relive your kidney pain.

7. Horsetail
Drink a horsetail tea 3 times a day will help to relieve the pain from your kidney.

8. Magnesium
Magnesium is effective element to improve your kidney’s pain. 300 mg of magnesium orotate is recommended to consume every day in order to get more efficient result of prevention and remedies.

9. Celery
Celery, both in vegetable or seed form is a good toxic cleanser for your kidney. The celery seed often used by people to make a tea or spicy.

10. Basil
Basil is well-known to relieve kidney’s pain. You can create a tea of basil with honey mixture to drink every day. Try this step for 5 or 6 months until you get better.

How is it? There are more type of foods or drink you can make yourself to relieve pain for your kidney. However, those steps are the most common and effective way of home remedies for kidney pain. Keep your eating habit in a good way to prevent any risk with your kidney.

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