Home Remedies for Swollen Tonsils - Treatment and Prevention

Home Remedies for Swollen Tonsils
Treatment and prevention steps by doing home remedies for swollen tonsils is the basic way that you can do if you have problem with your tonsils. There is certain condition which can cause infection in tonsils or also known as tonsillitis.

Every person has tonsils, yet some people who is tonsillitis sufferers can't resist to this infection, so that tonsils will be swollen and inflammation. It can be caused by bacterial infection and germ. Tonsils are known as the part of immune system which are inside our mouth and contained of lymphocytes. They prevent body infection which comes from bacteria and virus that infiltrate the body.

All of them will infiltrate to the tonsils and they will resist this infection alongside with white blood cell. Considering the tonsils are important for our immune system, you need to do some actions to treat and prevent it becoming swollen and inflammation.

The symptoms of swollen tonsils are sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, bad breath, pain in the ear, and lymph weakening and enlargement. When your tonsils are swollen, you can do these simple ways to treat it by using home ingredients, they are:
a. Gargling with Salt and water (warm water), it can eliminate bacteria, reduce the irritation, and removing mucus,
b. Drinking vegetable juice such as carrot, cucumber, and beet,
c.  Drinking honey lemon water (hot water) which can be added with salt,
d. Drinking milk which can be added with turmeric powder and pepper powder,
e. Drinking turmeric which is as anti-bacterial and anti virus can be mixed with hot water,
f. Boiling and mashing the dried figs and adding a tablespoon of honey,
g. Making mixed juice of onion and ginger.
h. Eating apples because it contains weak acid that can clean mouth and teeth, antioxidant that can make body stronger and prevent free radicals attacks,
i. Eating noni because it can heal swollen glands and using drug which contains of noni extract,
j. Drinking mistletoe tea by mashing and mixing it with warm water and honey,
k. Eating hot foods such as broth,
l. Taking a rest.

The prevention actions is important for people who ever feel sore throat and other tonsillitis symptoms occasionally. The actions that you can do to restrain your tonsils become swollen are:
a.  Avoid any kind of the fried foods,
b.  Avoid the cold foods and drinks,
c. Reduce the spicy foods,
d. Avoid any kind of foods that containing preservatives,
e. Drink mineral water,
f. Boosting endurance,
g. Maintain oral hygiene and dental.

The most important thing is you have to keep your immune system healthy and strong because once you have problems with your tonsils, you will get sick. If the swollen tonsils get worse, you need to see the doctor for further treatment.

Thus, when you have problem with your tonsils and you need to do simple ways in your home, all you have to remember is about treatment and prevention actions by doing home remedies for swollen tonsils.

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