Easy tips to reduce swollen gums

Home Remedies For Swollen Gums
Many of us have experienced the pain of swollen gums and wondering if we can do home remedies for swollen gums. Identified by its red appearance instead of normal pink, swollen gums can be caused by several things such as; gum disease (periodontis),incorrect brushing or flossing techniques, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, tobacco, and hormones.

Although it is better to seek advice from a dentist, you may try to relieve the pains by yourself before it gets severed.

Before trying to get a home remedies treatment, we can try to identify the cause.
Mouth ulcers
Mouth ulcers which form on the gums can lead to pain and swelling. Mouth ulcers usually had been characterized as having lack of Vitamin C. It form white circle with red surrounding and can attract many bacterias. This can lead to gum swollen and further infection.

Gum disease and inflammation
Gum disease, also called perodontis and gum inflammation (gingivitis) has been also known to cause swollen gum. Gingivitis is a light form of perodontis and can be easily treated by brushing or flossing the teeth. Gingivitis is better to be treated as early as possible since it could develop into gum disease by building plaque and house many bacterias.

With all the cause being listed, there are several treatment that can be use at home for this swelling gum.

Warm and cold compresses
Soak a cloth in a warm and clean water. Twist the cloth and squeeze out the water. Press it gently on your cheek. Use another cloth and do the same treatment but this time with an iced water until the skin feel numb. Repeat the steps in cycle several times as needed.

Salt water
Salt has been known as an effective treatment for swollen gums. Another good thing is that salt can prevent bacterias growth in the mouth so that there will be no unnecessary infection triggered by this gum swollen. Before applying the salt water treatment, brush your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush. You can rub your gums with the salt in a few seconds or add ½ teaspoon of salt into warm water and use it to rinse your mouth. Remember to always apply it after brushing

Clove Oil
Clove oil also known as an effective reliever for swollen gum. It has anti inflammatory ingredients that can help you reduce the swollen gum.
Try to add  3 drops clove essential oil and 5 ml olive oil and then mix well, soak a cotton ball into the mix oil and use it directly on the gum.

Lemon water
Lemon has a good reputation of providing many vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and many more. These can be good to our body including for oral health. Lemons also have antibacterial agent that can be useful to protect the gum for infections.

Fill a glass with warm water, take one lemon and cut it into halves. Squeeze its water into the glass and mix it. Use the lemon water to rinse your mouth and spit it out. Repeat it twice a day.
All these easy tips above can be used for home remedies for swollen gums before it gets severed.

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