Home Remedies For Strep Throat

Home Remedies For Strep Throat
Are there home remedies for strep throat? Well, there must be, but first of all you need to know exactly what strep throat is. Strep throat is actually bacterial infection which is caused by streptococcal. This condition occurs in the tonsil as well as the throat. In this condition, your throat will get irritated and also inflamed at the same time. It leads to a severe sore throat and makes you difficult to swallow your foods and waters. Besides severe sore throat, the particular bacteria also lead to serious illness. For those reasons, there are some home remedies to heal strep throat. What are they?

Home Remedies
The first home remedy is by using apple cider vinegar. The particular vinegar is considered to be effective treatment for sore throat since it functions as recovery medicine. You can get rid of your strep throat by drinking ACV that is mixed with warm water. Remember, each person has different needs. In other words, the amount of the liquid is different for each of us. Commonly, the amount of liquid is between 1 to 3 teaspoons. You can wait for about 30 minutes before the mixture works on its magic.

Another home remedy is vitamin C. Where do we get that? Vitamin C is famous for its ability to heal various conditions. The vitamin combats viruses, maintains immunity, and prevents stress effects. All you need is around 1000mg per day. This amount of numbers offers great results and almost instant healing.

The third remedy is cayenne pepper. Similar to apple cider vinegar, this particular natural remedy is a perfect option to cure strep throat. You can combine cayenne pepper with an amount of water. The next step is dipping a brush into the mixture and then applies it on the back of the throat. Some people even make a paste from the honey and cayenne mixtures. Prepare ½ teaspoon of honey, in this case organic honey, and mix it with cayenne. If you do not have cayenne at home, you can try mixing honey with lemon juice. Put the mixture in a glass of warm water.

The fourth remedy is warm beverages. You can drink warm honey tea and add it with a little bit of lemon juice. Some people also drink herbal teas and clear soups to heal their strep throat. What you really need to avoid when you are suffering strep throat is cold beverages. These beverages include ice cream or drinks, and also soda. The fifth remedy that most people do at home is gargling. But at this point, you need to use salt water. This home remedy helps reducing and even relieving the pain in your throat.

Basically, all of the remedies for strep throat above could heal your pains. It also helps to boost your energy as well as health. If you want to have strong immune and prevent viruses, you can drink the above remedies every day. Your doctor may help you solve and cure the sickness, but of course, you need to spend more money. Home remedies for strep throat assist people who do not have enough time and need instant solution for their conditions. 

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