Home remedies for sinus headache

Home remedies for sinus headache
Home remedies for sinus headache are comes from certain method. You can use method of saline spray, massage or take herbs and food or drinks that can help you to relief the pain. Symptom from sinus headache can worsen when the sufferer take activity and movement.  The symptom includes congestion, fever, coughing, fatigue, sore throat and nasal discharge.  The decrease ability of smell and taste is additional symptom as effect from sinus headache. 

The symptom from sinus headaches commonly confused with migraine or with tension headaches.  The sinus headache is result from sinusitis, a condition when sinus membrane lining becomes swollen and inflamed. The pain is come from pressure into eyes surround, cheeks and forehead that make the areas infected pain to touch.

Home remedies for sinus headaches
There are natural ingredients that simply can reduce the sinus headache.
- Use fresh ginger root for reduce the pain and cure sinus headache.  Cut ginger and boil into water in 10 minutes. Drink whiles it still warm and repeats for best result.

- Cinnamon is herbs that cure sinus headache in effectively. Make paste from a tablespoon cinnamon powder with half teaspoon of sandalwood powder and little water. Apply the paste into forehead and leave for 5 minutes before rinse with warm water.

There also several medication that you can do in home for treating your sinus headache. For example, steam, saline sprays treatment and massage.
- The steam method is use for clear the nasal passages and relief the congestion from nasal. Congestion and calm the mucus membrane.  Bring saucepan water and boil it. Drape a towel over the head and inhale to steam about 5-10 minutes. Repeat for best result.
- The saline spray is purposes for relieves the congestion and moisturizes nasal cavity. It is simple to make homemade saline spray. Just add warm water with salt and fill into spray.

- Massage method will open the space allow to the sinus drainage and relief the pain. Use fingertips to massage gently the painful areas while you take lay position. Set thumbs above the eyebrow and draw toward hairline. Draw the thumbs into temples and lift the hairline toward to entire forehead area.

Good Lifestyle changes for relief sinus headaches
Beside these home remedies for sinus headache, you also need to change your life as healthier lifestyle. This will help you to make better head condition. Have good and balance diet will boost body immune, fight infections and treat health and beauty problem includes sinus headache. 

Take drink water for hydrating your body. Liquids will decrease the inflammation and pressure. Drink warm water will open sinus and reduce inflammation better than cold water. Take food that contains with rich vitamin C such as pineapples, orange, lemon, strawberries, and pomegranates. You also able to drink tea as it contain with rich vitamin C when combine with lemon tea.

The spicy foods can help reduce your nasal congestion. Take hold and cold compress can relieve the blocked sinus and reduce inflammation. Take the appropriate home remedies for sinus headache that suit with your condition.

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