Home Remedies for Roaches (Most Effective Killed)

Home Remedies for Roaches (Most Effective Killed)
You can use chemicals to eliminate roaches. But the use of chemicals is not good for the environment. One way to eliminate roaches safely is to use home remedies for roaches. This is very effective to eliminate roaches. In addition, using natural materials does not make you a lot of money. You also can find these ingredients in your home. You have to eliminate roaches this quickly.

This is because the roaches are not good for your health. Roaches are usually in your house for food and water. You should look for ways to eliminate these roaches from your home. Here's how you can use to get rid of roaches in your home:

1. You can use borax and sugar.
Borax is a chemical substance but has a function that is effective to eliminate roaches. A mix of borax and sugar can kill roaches in your home. Sugar is used to attract roaches. How to use this material is very easy. You only need to use 3 tablespoons of borax and 1 tablespoon sugar. If you want to use it in large quantities, then you can change the proportion, as long as it remains in a dose of 3: 1. You can put this mixture in place much visited by roaches. We recommend that you put this material at night so the morning you will find the roaches were dead. If you have trouble finding borax then you can replace it with baking soda but still using the same dose.

2. You can also use neem oil. Neem oil is oil made from natural ingredients.
You can find it easily in stores that sell herbal ingredients. You can also get at the pharmacy. You can use 1 tablespoon of neem oil and mix it with water. You can put this mixture into a spray bottle. Then, you can spray into an area that is much visited by roaches. You can repeat this step until roaches in your house is not there anymore. In addition to using neem oil, you can also use neem powder. You only need neem powder sprinkled in the area that a lot of roaches.

3. In addition to using neem oil, you can also use keffir lime essential oil.
You can use 8 to 10 drops of essential oil kaffir into 2 cups of water. You can also put this material into a spray bottle. However you should be aware that this spray should be used at night. This will help to eliminate roaches at home effectively. You should do this as often as possible so that the population of roaches in your home can be reduced.

4. If you want to use herbal ingredients then use catnip.
Catnip has a function very well to eliminate roaches in your home. You can take some catnip pieces and put into a pack. You can put a wrap this in an area that many roaches. Do this repeatedly. You just need to choose the most home remedies for roaches’ convenient way to do.

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