Home Remedies for Parvo Virus in Dogs

Home Remedies for Parvo Virus in Dogs
If your dog gets parvo, you can consider taking these home remedies for parvo especially when your dog seems scared for visit the doctor. Parvo is virus disease that highly contagious into dogs that affected. The virus itself said that it is originated from cats and transformed into parvo virus 2 for dogs. The virus is spread out from one dog and spread direct or indirectly

Signs and symptoms from parvo virus
Be aware when your dog shows the certain symptom and signs listed below.
- Extreme laziness or lethargy
- Have frequently vomiting and intense
- Has lack of petite and often refuse to eat
- Blood diarrhea and has foul odor
When you notice these symptoms, you should know that constant vomiting can lead into dehydration that can threaten life. The signs beyond can lead into worst symptom such as infections.

Prevention for parvo
The only one genuine prevention step for parvo virus is count at b5 steps, the distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parainfluenzal. If you suspect that your dog get parvo virus, then what you need to do is take action soon as possible. The prevention for parvo viruses is those vaccinate that held in certain year since your dog still a puppy. The first vaccine part take in ages between 6-8 weeks, and followed with the administered between 12-20 weeks.

Effective home remedies for parvo
When your dog get parvo, then care your dog in home is take your dog in great result. Hom eremedies for parvo is available especially when you are not possible to go to veterinary care or take treatment for your dog when they get parvo. The best thing that you need to remember when your dog get parvo is knowing that you have brief time due to the virus steadily affect into body major system quickly. With limited time to save your dog, these home remedies can save your dog life.
- The very first home remedies for parvo is keeping your dog stay dehydrated. Parvo causes diarrhea and vomit that can lead into dehydration. Therefore you should keep him with water to stay dehydrated.

- To treat diarrhea then you can use pepto bismol and administer with syringe.

- Cure parvo infection by create home made solution as first medication is important. Mix one cup of water with pedialyte that contain with zinc and fill into one litter bottle. Add 1 activated charcoal tablet after it has crushed well. Use syringe, feed the dog with 10 ml doses from the solution into your dog. Administer the solution with 10 ml dose every 15 minutes. 

- When your dog shows improvement, then give 4 hours administers 10 ml in every 30 minutes. The recovery will apparent within 8 hours. The solution diet should be continuing for next 3 days.

When you make your own solution for first aid parvo treatment, the safest solution for treat is using medical anti viral treatment. In addition, when your home remedies for parvo is not work well, contact your veterinary immediately.

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