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Solving skin problems through home remedies for oily skin is one of the effective ways for people who have oily skin type to prevent the negative impacts that would be happened to their skin because home remedy is the most simple way yet it needs to be done regularly in order to get healthy and beautiful skin. 

Every man and woman surely need the best remedy and treatment for their own skin. Before you do some different face treatments, you need to know about your skin type and how to deal with its problems because it is very helpful in choosing the best product that your skin needs so that you can get maximum results either.

Generally, skin type is divided into 5 types which are normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and combination which can be had by some people in certain area of their skin. Even though, skin type can transform alongside with time and age. The transformation can also be affected by genetic, disease, and medication.  the factors that cause the differences of each skin type are the water content that affects the elasticity and amenities skin levels, the oil levels that affect to skin suppleness, and the level of skin sensitivity.

Does your skin look shiny in a few hours after using makeup or face cream? Or do you have acne problems on your face, chest, and back? If you do, it seems like you have oily skin type. Whereupon, what can you do to overcome them properly? Do not worry about it because this article will specifically describe about how to solving oily skin problems through home remedies. Your face shows how excessive the oil level of your skin is. In spite of making your face moist so that it can slow down aging, the excessive oil level of your skin should be controlled to prevent skin problems like acne.

The main cause of oily skin is because of sebaceous glands that produce oil excessively so that it makes your face looks like oily at all times and can be a interference for your appearance. The characteristics of oily skin are skin looks shiny and shabby, large pores, your skin will be oily in a few hours after taking shower or clean your face. The oily skin could be genetic, but also might be caused by puberty which causing oil glands produce sebum excessively. Beside that, it can be caused by stress, exposed by heating or humid temperature, using cosmetic that is unsuitable for your skin will spark the oily skin.

Here are some tips for oily skin treatment through home remedies:
· Do not be lazy to clean your skin. Clean your skin no more than 2 times in a day, especially after doing heavy activities or after sweating, 
· Changing the pillowcase and towel periodically,
· Using mild cleanser specifically for oily skin and do not rub.
· Try cucumber mask which give refreshing effect and reduces excess oil production.
· Clean your face with warm salt water,
· Drinking mineral water,
· Onion skin paper which is a first aid for you,
· Maintaining the health and lifestyle. Try to began to exercise, set your bedtime for 8 hours,
· Overcome and avoid the greasy food,.
· Using deodorant and body lotion

By knowing skin type and know about the basic treatments, you can prevent some skin problems and keep your skin healthy. For further treatment, you need to see beauty doctor. Those were some tips about Solving skin problems through home remedies for oily skin.

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