Home Remedies For Mice - The Safer Ways to Eliminate the Mice

Home Remedies For Mice
It is so annoying if the mice and his friends running around in our house. Mice can bring the lethal disease from urine and ruin the stuffs in the house. Actually, to eliminate the mice we can use rodenticides that we can get easily in the shop. However, the risk of rodenticides to children, pets and environment is so great that we often hesitate to buy them. In this article we will give you simple home remedies for mice that are chemical-free. Have a look.

Peppermint oil
There are scents that mice absolutely hate. Peppermint, castor oil, citronella and mint plants are few examples that mice won’t stay near around them. Add 20 – 30 drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls and put them on the area where mice often seen. Replace them with the new ones if the scent has faded.

Get a cat
Cat and mouse is natural enemies so getting a cat is an easy solution to eliminate the mice. Find a cat that you think is good to catch mouse. If you do not want to take a cat as a pet, you can do little trick regarding cat. Buy cat litter or urine from pet shops or zoo to trick the mice that you have a cat in the house. Yes, I know it is a little bit gross, but trust me, the mice won’t come to your house anymore. Put the cat litter near the entrance door the mice have been used. Be careful where you put the litter if you have younger children and pets.

Hot pepper spray
Spray hot pepper concoction on strategic places where the mice has been seen running around the area. Hot pepper will irritate the mice’s sight and smell and it won’t come back to your house anymore. Blend ½ cups of chopped habaneros pepper with 2 tablespoon of hot pepper flakes. Boil 1 gallon of water while you chop and blend the peppers. Mix the pepper in 2 gallon of water and add them with boiled water. Cover the mixture and set it aside overnight. Strain the pepper and fill in the spray bottle with the mixture. Now you can spray the mixture anywhere. Don’t spray the mixture on carpet since it can change the color. Don’t forget to wear gloves and mask when you made the mixture and when you spray it. The mixture can burn your eyes and hands. Remember to reapply it every two days.

Cloves oil
The mice dislike the smell of cloves too. Thus you can use cloves if you do not have peppermint oil in stock. Add 20 – 30 drops of cloves essential oil onto the cotton balls and put them on mice’s favorite traffic area. Keep cotton balls out of reach of pets and children. You also can use whole cloves wrapped in the cloth as the alternative of cotton balls. So what are you waiting for? Get these home remedies for mice and create mice free zone in your house.

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