Home remedies for mange

Home remedies for mange
Home remedies for mange is other way for cure your pet from mange virus. Mange is skin disease that affects animals and caused by parasitic mites. This skin disease can appear in animals, reptiles, birds, and even plants. The symptom from mange is identifying from severe itching, scabs formation, skins abrasions and hair loss.  There are two kinds of mange that available to see in dogs, demodectic mange and sarcoptic mange. All dogs is grow generally with demodectic mange as they cuddling with their mother for first year. Usually, most dogs are life with these mites without any problem.

The bacterial infection in demodectic mange make dog more uncomfortable and experience itchy disease. In other side, sarcoptic mange causes intense itching that makes dog experience anxiety and restlessness. This mange types also casues red skins, sores and hair loss. The common area that affected with mange is around leg, elbows, face and ear. The demodectic is unable transmitted into humans but the sarcoptic mange can affect red bumps into human skins that similar with bite from mosquito.

Home remedies for demodectic mange
Demodectic mange or also called with red mange is the condition where the small mite is unable to handle in most of entire dogs fur.  In healthy dog condition, where the dog is regularly sheltered and has strong immune system, the mites, demodex canis is under control and it does not bother dogs so much. It have minimal scratch and itchy. In other side, when the dog has malnutrition condition, abuse or experience compromised immune system, the mites can develop and reproduce faster and start wreak the canine’s fur.  This condition can develop hair loss and mild irritation. When your dog gets demodectic mange, you can use these several home remedies.
- Aloe vera gel is ideal home remedy for mange as it has natural antiseptic and anti parasitic agent. Spread over the gel into animals’ affected areas twice a day in several days.
- Apple cider vinegar is other simple mange medication. Ad few tablespoon apple cider vinegar into dog’s meal and the result can be seen in few days.

Treating mange with care
If pet get mange, the best thing you need to determine that the method is suitable with your pet’s condition. Regular bathing and brush will very helpful in eliminate scabs and scaly skins. Feeding your dog in properly and add dietary supplement is important for support the healing process. The raw diet is recommended for pet that suffer mange. Wash then entire bedding and keep the bedding sterile as possible as during the dog in recovery healing time. Use supplement such as Vitamin E, C and fish oil that can alleviate itchy pain and increase skin conditions.

There are few things that need to be attend when treat dog with mange use home remedies. When the dog get sarcoptic mange, it is important for isolate the dog for keeping the mites spread into other pet or to the human being.  The Home remedies for mange also need to be followed with skin scraping after two weeks for perform best result and keep it not re-occur again.

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