Home Remedies for Kennel Cough which Any Dog Owners Need to Know

Home Remedies for Kennel Cough
The effective home remedies for kennel cough need to be known by anyone who have a dog or taking care of a dog. That is because this health problem is a kind of common problem which often happens to the dog. So, all dog owners or dog lovers need to know well about the various ideas of the kennel dog.

As a dog owner or a dog lover, it is such an interesting thing for you to know a lot of things about dogs. That will be something needed when you are facing such the problems, including finding your dog is sick with the particular problem of health, for example the problem of kennel cough which can happen to any dogs including to the home care dogs.

That is why, it is also really important for us to know about the various common problems which often happen to dogs, including kennel cough, and how to deal with such the problems. The home remedies might be something essential to be known since that will also be the great idea as the first aid on dealing with the cough.

So, you can get the idea regarding to what you need to do first when you are finding your dog gets such the kennel cough. The info below might be really helpful for you.

What to Know about Kennel Cough
That is something important for us to know much about kennel cough before getting the idea of home remedies for kennel cough. That will give us an overview regarding to this problem. Kennel cough is a kind of infectious disease. Some of the common causes of the kennel cough are parainfluenza, mycoplasma, bordetellas bronchiseptica, and many more. The symptoms are the cough and it can also result the vomiting. Some other common signs are the sniffles and fever. Commonly the appetite and also activity of the dog are still the same. Young dogs have the higher risk of getting infected by this disease, especially which is interacted with other dogs indoor.

Home remedies for Kennel Cough
When you find your dog is getting the problem of kennel cough, it is better to isolate it from other dogs into a different cage and place. Then, one of the simple yet effective home remedies for kennel cough is placing a humidifier or vaporizer which can help to give comfort for the dog and help ease breathing. Get your dog away from the smoke, especially the cigar smoke. The key for dealing with this problem is improving the comfort and also the stamina or immune system of your dog. You need to make sure that your dog eat the healthy foods and get enough water. Giving some supplements will be something good in order to improve its stamina and immune system since commonly the kennel cough is caused by virus which means it is a kind of self limiting disease. 

When to See a Vet
Commonly, kennel cough will get better and away gradually after 3 weeks and it can happens till 6 weeks. However, if you feel that worried, you can see a vet. That is especially if you find some signs as like your dogs lose its appetite and does not want to eat and drink so that it looks really weak. The faster breathing and even out of breath becomes another serious sign which means you need to bring your dog to a vet. So, besides applying the home remedies for kennel cough, you also need to be aware to the signs. 

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